EFLAL Near Far Multifocal Progressive Men’s Large Square UV400 Varifocal Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Tired of constantly switching between your reading and distance glasses? With EFLAL’s near far multifocal progressive reading glasses, you’ll enjoy seamless vision for both near and far. These innovative glasses feature a unique lower lens with added magnification for reading and close-up work. When you look ahead, the lens is clear for distance. Glance down and the lens provides the boost you need to see small print clearly. It’s like having two prescriptions in one frame!

The lightweight square lenses measure 50mm wide for a bold yet comfortable look. The durable TR90 frame is both flexible and scratch-resistant. It comes in a classic black color that pairs well with any outfit, from dressy to casual. The spring hinges allow the arms to flex gently for all day comfort.

But the real star of these multifocal reading glasses is the lens technology:

Multifocal Progressive Design: The varifocal lenses accommodate both near and far vision in one lens. Upper and lower sections provide the right optical powers for gazing afar or looking at a book or smartphone screen up close. There’s no visible line, just a smooth transition.

Photochromic Technology: The lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light. That means they’ll darken outdoors to serve as sunglasses, then quickly lighten when you go inside. No more switching between clear and tinted lenses!

Anti-Scratch Coating: A multi-layer coating is applied to resist scratches and maintain clarity. The coating also repels dust, water, oil, and fingerprints for easy cleaning.

UV400 Protection: Harmful ultraviolet rays are blocked 99.9% to protect your eyes from damage.

If you’re tired of keeping track of multiple pairs of eyewear for distance and reading, simplify with these progressive photochromic glasses! The lenses accommodate both needs. Just put them on and go about your day, whether you’re driving, grocery shopping, reading, using your computer or phone, or enjoying the outdoors. Seamless vision and UV protection all in one frame!

We stand behind the quality of our near far varifocal glasses. Please inspect your purchase upon arrival and contact us with any issues or concerns. We’re committed to your satisfaction.

Why choose our multifocal reading glasses?

– All-purpose progressive lenses for near and far
– Transitions quickly between indoor and outdoor use
– Durable lightweight TR90 frame with spring hinges
– Scratch-resistant coating protects lenses
– Blocks 99.9% of UV rays
– Classic rectangular shape flatters most face shapes
– Understated black goes with everything
– Can be worn over prescription glasses
– Unisex design suits both men and women
– Ideal for work, school, home, travel, and leisure

Corrective Lenses for Changing Vision
As we age, our eyes’ natural lenses lose flexibility, making it difficult to shift focus between varying distances. Reading glasses provide magnification for close-up tasks like reading a menu or typing on a keyboard. Distance glasses allow clear vision for driving, watching TV, etc.

But switching pairs constantly is a hassle! Here is where multifocal transition lenses help. They combine both strengths into one lens. The top lets you see farther while the bottom magnifies close-up objects.

Whether you have mild farsightedness or are developing presbyopia, these glasses enhance your vision. They also spare your eyes the strain of overworking to compensate for age-related focusing problems.

The Right Lens Design for Your Needs
With single vision lenses, you must look through a small sweet spot. Any eye or head movement means your eyes struggle to refocus. Multifocal progressive lenses provide a much broader channel of clear vision for more comfortable everyday wear.

Some multifocals have abrupt power changes between distance and reading sections. This can cause visible “jumps.” EFLAL’s seamless design transitions gradually. Zones blend together for no-line intermediary vision. There’s less distortion and adaptation period.

Our lightweight lenses also minimize peripheral aberrations. The edges remain clear rather than curved or warped. Printing stays sharp when reading. No eye fatigue or headaches from visual noise!


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