EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Women’s Square Acetate Adjustable Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses +1.0~+3.0



Tired of constantly switching between your regular glasses and reading glasses? Searching for the perfect pair that combines both distance and reading vision correction into one convenient pair of eyeglasses? Look no further than the EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses!

These revolutionary photochromic reading glasses are designed specifically for women who need a little assistance seeing things close up, yet don’t want to carry around two separate pairs of eyeglasses. The unique lower lens contains an added reading prescription, while the top lens remains optimized for distance vision. The result? No more switching glasses or tilting your head down to read. Just put on your EFLAL multifocals and see clearly whether up close or far away!

Features and Benefits

Multifocal Progressive Design

The EFLAL reading glasses utilize a specialized progressive lens technology that seamlessly combines two prescriptions into one lens. The upper portion contains zero prescription for clear distance vision, while the lower section has an added +1.0 to +3.0 power for reading and close-up work. There are no visible lines – just a smooth transition from distance to reading correction.

Auto-Darkening Photochromic Lenses

No more squinting when you step outside! The lenses in the EFLAL reading glasses automatically darken when exposed to UV light. Within 30 seconds the lenses will transition from totally clear indoors to a dark sunglass tint outdoors. Once back inside, they quickly fade back to their transparent state. This responsive tinting technology provides year-round UV protection and comfort.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

The lenses are coated with a special scratch-resistant layer that measures just 10um thick. This helps prevent minor scratches and abrasions from damaging your reading glasses. It also makes the lenses easy to clean and maintain their crystal clear optics.

Distortion-Free Optics

The EFLAL lenses are specially designed to provide a wide, clear field of vision with no warping or distortion. The text stays sharp and readable even at the outer edges of the lenses. This allows you to read comfortably without excessive head movements.

Lightweight Square Frame

The flattering square frame is made from lightweight acetate plastic for long-lasting durability and comfort. The adjustable nose pads and arms ensure a secure custom fit. At just 20g total weight you’ll barely notice them on your face. Choose from a variety of frame colors to match your personal style.

Reliable Customer Service

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind our reading glasses 100% and will quickly assist with any product issues or concerns. Feel confident shopping with a trusted brand that cares about quality and service.

Who Needs These Reading Glasses?

The EFLAL Multifocal Reading Glasses are perfect for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond who are experiencing age-related near vision difficulties. The lower reading add provides crisp vision for activities like:

  • Reading books, magazines, newspapers
  • Working on crafts and hobbies
  • Reading menus in dim restaurants
  • Using a computer and digital devices
  • Viewing price tags and ingredients
  • Doing close work like sewing and knitting

When you want to look up and focus on something in the distance, the progressive top lenses give you clear eyesight for driving, watching TV, seeing faces, and more. No longer do you need to have two sets of glasses!

These EFLAL reading glasses are also beneficial for women experiencing eye fatigue and headaches from overuse. The added reading power allows your eye muscles to relax, reducing strain. Just pop on your multifocals to give your eyes a break.

Order With Confidence

We pride ourselves on excellent product quality and friendly customer service. Please inspect your reading glasses upon arrival and contact us with any concerns. We will happily work to make things right to your satisfaction.

Don’t struggle with poor near vision or deal with the hassle of switching glasses. Improve your sight and comfort with the innovative EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses! Choose your lens strength and frame color then click Add to Cart now.


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