EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Women’s Retro Cat Eye Spring Hinges Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Tired of keeping track of multiple pairs of eyewear for seeing near, far, day and night? With EFLAL’s innovative Multifocal Progressive Cat Eye Reading Glasses, you can simplify your vision needs into one effortlessly stylish pair! These multifunctional women’s glasses feature spring hinges, photochromic adaptive lenses and varifocal technology to deliver sharp vision at any distance, in any light.

Versatile Varifocal Lenses

As we age, our eyes have more difficulty accommodating between far away and up close. Regular bifocals only correct two zones, while progressives provide seamless viewing from near to far. EFLAL’s adaptive cat eye glasses have varifocal lenses designed for multiple fields of vision. The upper area provides distance and intermediate clarification. The lower portion has added magnification for reading and close work. There’s no visible bifurcation line like with bifocals!

The ergonomic design means you can shift your gaze smoothly without distortion. These glasses for women deliver crisp visuals whether you’re working on the computer, reading a book, driving, watching TV, doing crafts and more. No need to constantly swap glasses anymore!

Innovative Spring Hinge Design

Traditional eyeglass frames can loosen over time, causing slipping issues. EFLAL’s cat eye glasses feature integrated spring-loaded hinges to maintain a secure grip. The flexible spring arms provide comfortable flex and custom fit for different head shapes and sizes.

The spring hinges apply just the right amount of pressure around your ears to stay firmly in place without pinching. As you remove and wear the eyeglasses daily, the spring arms retain their durability and tension. No more dealing with loose frames that wobble and need frequent adjustments!

Smart Photochromic Adaptive Lenses

Tired of constantly switching between indoor and sunglasses when going outside? EFLAL’s reading glasses solve this hassle with innovative photochromic lens technology. The lenses react to changing UV light conditions by automatically darkening or lightening. In full sun, the lenses turn an amber tint to reduce glare and strain without distorting colors like regular sunglasses. Back inside, the lenses quickly fade back to crystal clear.

The smooth photochromic transition happens in seconds – no delay going in and out. Enjoy seamless vision and maximum eye comfort, while reducing the need to carry multiple eyewear pairs. The lightweight lenses also have anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings for durability.

Classic Wayfarer Inspired Styling

EFLAL’s women’s cat eye glasses feature a flattering wayfarer-inspired silhouette that looks stylish on women of all ages. The trendy cat eye shape is an update of the classic 1950s wayfarer style. The frame front measures 14cm wide to complement different face types without dominating your features.

Oversize cat eye frames are both fashionable and functional. The angle of the cat eye shape opens up your peripheral vision compared to regular square lenses. Show off your style while enjoying clear eyesight from edge to edge!

Customizable Strength Options

Order your EFLAL progressive cat eye glasses in the magnification power you need! Choose from options ranging from +1.0 up to +3.0 strength. Need help picking your magnification? Hold reading material at your preferred working distance. Increase strength until the text looks crisp, not blurry.

We recommend our +1.0 varifocal glasses for tasks approx. 30-40cm away. +2.0 is optimal for 30cm distance, while +3.0 is designed for 20cm near vision. Your adaptive eyeglasses will arrive pre-set with the magnification power you select. However, feel free to exchange for a different strength within 30 days if needed.

Premium Scratch Resistant Lenses

Don’t let scratches ruin your vision clarity and eyewear investment! EFLAL only uses high quality lenses with a durable scratch-resistant coating. The multi-layer finish protects your lenses from scrapes and damage from daily wear and tear.

The hard coating also creates an easy to clean surface. Simply wipe away smudges, dust and oils using soap and water. No need for special cleaners or cloths. The glasses maintain transparency and resist smudging/fogging when going from indoors to outside. Enjoy lasting visual clarity thanks to the protective lens technology!

Lightweight Design for All Day Comfort

EFLAL’s cat eye reading glasses weigh just 16 grams for comfortable long-term wear. The lightweight TR90 frame material is very strong yet flexible. Rubber accents on the adjustable nose pads and arms prevent slipping.

Even after prolonged use, you’ll barely notice these progressive glasses on your face. The clever rounded shape and smooth finish prevent pressure points. See clearly in comfort thanks to the ergonomic fit tailored for women.

Simplify Your Vision. Magnify Your Style.

See the EFLAL difference! Ditch the bifocals, drugstore cheaters and magnification swap headaches. Our adaptive cat eye glasses offer multiple vision gains in one simple solution. Enjoy clear views near and far, while protecting your eyes indoors and out.

The sleek wayfarer-inspired frame complements all face shapes and styles. Just put on these multifunctional photochromic glasses each morning and enjoy effortless vision at any distance, anytime. Regain visual independence and confidence to live your best life!

Buy EFLAL Reading Glasses Now with Our 30 Day Guarantee

Try our innovative progressive cat eye glasses risk-free! If you don’t love your EFLAL eyewear, return within 30 days for a full refund. Enjoy peace of mind with a 12 month replacement warranty too. Contact our helpful Vision Experts anytime for personalized guidance. Shop now to enhance your vision and style!


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