EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Men Women’s Double Beam Aviator Style UV400 Varifocal Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses – Classic Aviator Styling Meets Visual Innovation



Struggling to see clearly at varying distances? Tired of switching between multiple pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses? EFLAL’s multifocal aviator reading glasses solve both problems with varifocal photochromic lens technology in iconic aviator styling.

These innovative reading sunglasses combine adjustable focus with automatic UV tinting. The varifocal lower lenses provide seamless transitioning from distances to close up. While the UV400 photochromic lens material self-tints in bright light for glare reduction.

Get the visual performance of progressive lenses and the protection of sunglasses in one sleek aviator-style eyewear package!

Key Features and Benefits

Multifocal Progressive Varifocal Lenses

The lower half of the lenses feature EFLAL’s innovative varifocal design. This enables gradual, smooth transitioning when looking between distances – from across the room to reading a book or phone screen up close.

No more abrupt imagery changes or visible segment lines like with bifocals or trifocals. Just seamless vision clarity from afar to near!

UV400 Transitional Photochromic Lenses

The lenses are crafted with photochromic technology to automatically self-tint in bright lighting conditions. Outdoors on a sunny day? They’ll darken to a sunglass tint to filter glare. Indoors or in shade? They quickly return to a clear tint for optimal visibility.

You get the benefits of prescription sunglasses and reading glasses in one pair!

Classic Double Beam Aviator Frames

Feel the nostalgic vibe of retro aviator styling with the double beam metal brow bar and adjustable silicone nose pads. The lightweight aluminum-magnesium frames provide durability with just the right amount of flex for comfort.

For both men and women, these frames epitomize the iconic aviator look popularized by military and law enforcement pilots. Wear them for both function and uber cool style!

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective

The multi-layer lens coating protects and optimizes your vision:

– Anti-reflective to reduce glares and eyestrain

– Anti-scratch to prevent abrasions and maintain clarity

– Hydrophobic for resisting oils, dust and moisture

– Anti-UV for filtering out 400nm of harmful rays

Distortion-Free Optics

The carefully engineered lenses provide exceptional optical clarity across your full peripheral vision. This enhances safety while walking, driving or performing tasks requiring precision vision at all angles.

Versatile Styling from Cockpit to Beach

Paying homage to their aviation heritage, the iconic styling of these varifocal photochromic reading glasses easily transitions from professional pilot to laidback beachgoer.

The sleek metal frames and adjustable nose pads provide lightweight durability for active lifestyles. The lenses’ UV protection and self-tinting capacities make them ideal for boating, fishing, hiking, golf and other outdoor activities.

Yet the polished aviator look also gives them a refined edge suitable for business or formalwear. Keep an extra pair stashed in your flight jacket, handbag or desk drawer anytime you need to up your eyewear fashion and function!

For women and men alike, these glasses are first-class eye protection with old school coolness.

One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We stand firmly behind the quality of our varifocal reading sunglasses. Your purchase is protected by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty covering any defects in materials or craftsmanship. In the rare case of any issues during this period, simply contact us for a prompt resolution.

Take Your Vision to New Heights!

With their visual clarity and classic styling, EFLAL’s aviator reading glasses belong in every sunglass collection. Ditch the eyestrain headaches from continually swapping lenses. And simplify your vision needs with durable eyewear that does it all!

Plus enjoy peace of mind with our one year manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t wait to optimize your vision. Click Add to Cart now to soar above vision limitations with these innovative aviator reading sunglasses!


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