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Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of glasses just to read a book or check your phone? With the EFLAL Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses, you can seamlessly transition between seeing near and far with a single pair of lightweight and stylish frames.

These innovative multifocal progressive lenses accommodate both distances by incorporating a varifocal design. The upper portion of the lens remains optimized for distant vision, while the lower section provides magnified viewing for reading and close-up activities. An intelligently calculated gradient between the two areas allows for a smooth, uninterrupted line of sight whether you’re gazing across the room or reviewing documents right in front of you.

The breakthrough transition photochromic technology reacts to changing light conditions by automatically darkening the tint when exposed to sunlight and brightening when indoors. This self-adjusting shade eliminates the need to swap between clear and tinted lenses. Go from an outdoor stroll to reading indoors without missing a beat.

Combining the convenient adaptability of varifocal progressive lenses and photochromic reactive tint, the EFLAL Reading Glasses deliver sharp, distortion-free vision for all distances and lighting environments. Simply put them on and forget about them as you go about your day.

Key Features:

Multifocal Progressive Design: Seamless transition lens with upper half optimized for distance and lower half for reading/close-up

1.0 to 3.0 Magnification Strengths: Choose from a range of add powers to address your close-up vision needs

Varifocal Technology: Gradual vision zone change between distance and reading areas

Transition Photochromic Lenses: Tint automatically adjusts from clear indoors to dark tint outdoors

Anti-Reflective & UV400 Protection: Reduces glare and harmful rays

Lightweight Rimless Frames: Durable and comfortable polygon shape with universal fit

Scratch-Resistant Coating: Fortified lens exterior prevents superficial scuffs and scratches

Seamless Transition Lenses for All Environments

Tired of switching between multiple pairs of eyewear? With EFLAL’s multifocal progressive transition lenses you can cruise through your day with just one pair of glasses. The ergonomic varifocal design incorporates separate zones for distant and close-up vision.

Look out across the room or down the street through the clear upper portion. Glance down to read a book or check your phone through the lower reading section. The calculated gradient between zones means no disjointed shifts or blurred vision at middle distances. Your eyes simply glide up and down the lens as needed.

Venturing between bright and dark environments is also a non-issue. The transition photochromic reactive tint senses UV light levels and adapts accordingly. Outdoors under direct sunlight, the lenses darken to a comfortable sunglass shade. Heading indoors triggers them to return to a crystal clear tint.

Whether you’re multi-tasking at the office, pursuing hobbies, or enjoying your golden years, EFLAL’s multifocal progressive glasses have you covered. Ditch the vision handicap of swapping between multiple eyewears.

Customizable Magnification for Your Needs

Everyone’s eyes age differently. That’s why EFLAL reading glasses are available in a range of add powers from +1.0 to +3.0 magnification strength. Choose the version that brings close-up objects like books and tablets into ideal focus for your vision needs.

For those in their early presbyopia stage, the +1.0 option offers a subtle boost when viewing nearby. Individuals already grappling with extensive eyestrain from screens and small text may prefer the +2.5 or +3.0 higher magnification lenses.

Trying to parse out the optimal strength for your situation? Many opt for the +1.5 to +2.0 range as an effective starting point before evaluating if more or less power is preferable. You can also mix and match; keep multiple pairs handy with different magnification levels for versatility.

Regardless of your selected strength, the varifocal design keeps the upper lens optimized for distance viewing. The prescription boost only applies to the bottom portion focused on close-up vision correction. Dial in the ideal correction power while maintaining sharp vision at any range.

Sleek Polygon Frames with Universal Fit

The lightweight rimless frames strike an ideal balance between durability and comfort. Made from sturdy yet flexible materials, the 4-point polygon shape and adjustable nose pads provide a secure fit suitable for both men and women.

Weighing just 18 grams, you may even forget you’re wearing them. The low-profile frame design avoids obstructing or distracting from your field of view. The focal point becomes the optically optimized varifocal lenses, not the frames themselves.

The arms extend straight back to allow easy placement over your ears. Rubberized tips keep them firmly in place once positioned correctly. Between the featherweight build and grippy yet gentle tips, jostling activities like running or hopping won’t dislodge these glasses.

Skip the bulky frames that overwhelm your face and vision. The rimless polygon shape provides optimal lens visibility through sleek and slimline frames.

Fortified Durability for Active Lifestyles

Don’t let the lightweight flexible frames fool you. The EFLAL Reading Glasses are built to handle active daily use, thanks to an array of protective features:

Scratch-Resistant Coating: The exterior lens surface is covered in a reinforced layer that safeguards against superficial scuffs and scratches from incidental bumps and particles. Don’t stress over minor daily wear and tear.

Smudge-Resistant: Oils, watermarks, and fingerprints wipe right off the lenses without leaving vision clouding residue behind. Carry them in a pocket or bag without worry.

UV400 Protection: Block over 99% of UVA/UVB radiation from the sun or artificial light sources. Preserve your eyes from damage at all times.

Anti-Reflective: Minimizes glare and eye fatigue by reducing bounceback shine and reflections. Enjoy superior optical clarity and zero distractions.

Shatterproof: The polycarbonate lenses hold up to drops and impacts without cracking or splitting. Built tougher than glass lenses for rugged reliability.

Between the intelligent varifocal optics and resilient construction, the EFLAL Reading Glasses are equipped for all-day use every day. Rely on them as your go-anywhere, do-anything vision wingman.

We Stand Behind Our Products

At EFLAL, we take pride in delivering innovative eyewear that enhances how customers see and experience the world around them. We stand fully behind the quality and capabilities of our products. That’s why the EFLAL Reading Glasses come backed by our 60-day “Love It or Return It” satisfaction guarantee.

Try out the glasses for up to two months after purchase. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, simply let us know to receive a prompt refund or replacement. We aim to deliver vision solutions that exceed expectations while minimizing buyer’s risk.

Give your eyes the seamless multifocal transition lenses and reactive tint they deserve. The EFLAL Reading Glasses mark the next evolution in optical technology. Purchase a pair today to enjoy the convenience of simple, uninterrupted vision at any range and environment.


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