EFLAL Fashionable Multifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Stylish Retro Rivet Frame with Progressive Lenses



Tired of having to switch between separate pairs of glasses for reading, computer use, and distance vision? With EFLAL’s fashionable unisex multifocal reading glasses, you can see clearly whether up close or far away with just one stylish pair.

These retro round reading glasses feature a chic riveted metal frame in silver, black, or gold tones with spring hinges for a comfortable custom fit. The fashionable round shape flatters all face types. An included soft protective case and cleaning cloth keep your new reading glasses safe so you can take them anywhere.

But the real magic of these reading glasses lies in the state-of-the-art varifocal progressive lenses. Built with the latest in optical technology, the lenses are specially designed to provide crisp, undistorted vision at any distance.

See Clearly Near and Far with Varifocal Progressive Lenses

The varifocal progressive lenses have three key viewing zones:

– Lower Near Vision Zone: The bottom portion of the lenses feature an added reading power prescription (+1.0 to +3.0) to make it easier to see up close for reading books, newspapers, menus, labels, sewing, crafts, and more.

– Intermediate Vision Zone: The middle section of the lenses provide clear undistorted vision for computer work, cooking, shopping, and arm’s length tasks.

– Upper Distance Vision Zone: The top portion of the lenses have no magnification for crisp long-distance vision while driving, watching TV, sporting events, concerts, and more.

The smooth transition between zones provides a seamless viewing experience at any range. After a brief adjustment period, your eyes and brain adapt to automatically focus clearly whether reading the morning paper or seeing street signs down the block.

Advanced Technology for Ultimate Visual Comfort

In addition to the varifocal progressive design, EFLAL’s reading glasses incorporate cutting-edge lens technology for visual clarity and protection:

– Photochromic Darkening: The lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light outdoors to reduce glare and eye fatigue. Indoors, the lenses become clear again. Convenient and comfortable for all-day wear!

– Anti-Reflective Coating: Multi-layer coating eliminates distracting reflections and glare from indoor lighting, computer screens, and other sources.

– Scratch Resistant: Proprietary hard coating protects the lenses from scratches and everyday wear and tear while keeping them crystal clear.

– UV400 Protection: Blocks 100% of harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays for healthy eyes.

– Distortion-Free Optics: Curved lens geometry minimizes distortion for accurate vision across the entire lens surface. No more wavy text or images.

Flattering Unisex Frame Design

Whether you’re a man or woman, the retro round shape and flexible spring temples flatter all face types while providing a secure comfortable fit. The metal frame won’t lose its shape over time.

The stylish rivet accents add a touch of modern flair to this classic frame design. At just 20g total weight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

One Pair Does It All!

No more rummaging around for your distance glasses when you want to read. Or holding books and menus at arm’s length to see the words.

With EFLAL’s multifocal reading glasses, you’ll enjoy seamless vision whether up close or far away. The fashionable unisex design pairs well with any wardrobe from casual to business professional.

The included protective case and cleaning cloth make them convenient to bring everywhere you go. Keep a pair in your glove compartment, purse, at the office, and anywhere else you need crisp, hassle-free vision.

Ditch the eyestrain and headache of continually switching pairs of glasses. Get EFLAL’s multifocal reading glasses to enjoy clear comfortable vision, anywhere, anytime!


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