E-Living Store Screen Reading Glasses – Fatigue Relieving Eye Strain Computer Glasses



Tired eyes getting you down? Feel like you’re constantly squinting to see your computer, e-reader, or phone screen clearly? Then it’s time to try E-Living Store’s Screen Reading Glasses. Specially designed to reduce eye fatigue and strain when viewing digital screens for extended periods.

Fatigue Relieving magnified Reading Glasses

These E-Living Store screen reading glasses feature quality polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight yet durable. The amber tinted lenses have a subtle 3.5x magnification strength that makes on-screen text and images appear larger, sharper, and easier on your eyes. No more squinting and eye strain trying to read small text or make out details. Just slip on these glasses and enjoy crisp, clear viewing comfort.

The stylish translucent brown tortoise frame is not only attractive, but also scratch resistant to stand up to daily use. Spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex for a custom fit that stays comfortably in place. At just 23g per pair, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

Anti Blue Light and Anti-Glare

Today we spend more time than ever staring at digital screens which can lead to a range of problems including eye fatigue, strain, blurred vision, headaches, and trouble sleeping. The blue light emitted from devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors is especially disruptive to your circadian rhythms and natural sleep patterns.

The amber tinted lenses in these E-Living Store screen reading glasses are designed to filter out 50% of harmful blue light and 100% of UV rays. This helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue so you can work, read, and view screens more comfortably for longer periods. The anti-glare coating also reduces reflections and glare that can create eye strain and visibility issues.

Great for Work, School, Gaming, and More

Whether you spend your days working on a computer, remote learning and video calls, reading e-books, browsing your phone, or gaming, these E-Living Store screen reading glasses can help improve your viewing experience. The 3.5x magnification lenses make text appear crisper and larger, reducing squinting. While the amber tint with anti-blue light and anti-glare technology filters out visual stressors.

Keep a pair at home and work to use whenever you need to unlock your screen viewing superpowers!

protection and convenient travel lens Case

Your E-Living Store screen reading glasses come packaged in a bonus hard leatherette case. Safely store and protect lenses from scratches when not in use or take them on the go. The included case makes these eyeglasses easy to toss in your bag or purse for use anywhere.

Unisex Design

With a contemporary unisex design, both men and women can benefit from these magnified computer reading glasses. Flattering on every face, the transparent brown tortoise frame is stylish yet understated for all day wear at home, the office, or on the move.

One convenient purchase will have your whole household covered. No need to buy separate pairs for you, your spouse, or kids. These universal eyeglasses fit teens and adults.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try out these fatigue and strain relieving screen reading glasses for work, school, gaming, or leisure without risk. E-Living Store provides a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t completely happy. That’s how confident we are that these amber tinted magnified eyeglasses will take your screen viewing comfort to the next level.

Stop struggling to read small text and details. Reduce eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption from blue light exposure. Experience crisp, clear screen viewing with these E-Living Store Screen Reading Glasses today!


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