Dial Vision Adjustable Glasses – Go From Near to Far Vision With A Twist of The Dial



Forget having to juggle multiple pairs of readers or hunt for your distance glasses. With Dial Vision’s revolutionary adjustable eyewear, you can switch magnifications instantly with the flick of a dial. Go from scrutinizing a wine label to gazing at the vineyard view without missing a beat.

Our innovative flex focal glasses utilize fluid-filled lens technology to let you custom tune your vision. Simply rotate the dial on each temple to go from 1.5x-3x magnification. The flex lenses and distortion-free optics ensure clear, comfortable viewing at every setting.

Whether your eyes need a boost for close-up tasks or you just want to take the strain off distance viewing, Dial Vision has you covered. Our adjustable eyewear is perfect for tackling a wide range of activities throughout your day.

Key Benefits:

  • Tune magnification from 1.5x to 3x with a dial on each arm
  • Fluid-filled flex lenses adjust optical power
  • Go seamlessly from close-up to far away vision
  • Alleviate tired eyes by adjusting focus
  • Reduce need for bifocals, readers, and distance glasses
  • Distortion-free optics keep vision crisp & clear
  • Lightweight unisex frames fit comfortably all day

Seamless Vision Adjustment from 1.5x to 3x

Struggling to see the small print on a restaurant menu? No problem! Just dial up the magnification to focus your eyes. Ready to people watch across the room? Dial back down for distance clarity.

With a simple twist of our ergonomic dials, you can fine tune your vision on the fly. The unique fluid-filled lenses seamlessly adapt optical power between 1.5x to 3x magnification. No more interrupting conversations to swap out readers.

The graduated magnification range lets you pick your perfect correction for each activity. Boost to 2.5x for poring over documents. Drop back to 1.5x for relaxed TV viewing. With Dial Vision eyewear, you’re in control.

Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue

Constantly squinting and struggling to see can leave your eyes feeling exhausted. By dialing in the optimal optical power whenever needed, Dial Vision glasses relieve strain and reenergize your eyes.

Turn up magnification for close work to avoid eye-tiring effort. Then reset for distance viewing to give your eye muscles a break. Letting your eyes relax at regular intervals can markedly improve comfort and stamina.

With on-demand vision correction, you may rely less on prescriptions. The right adjustment when you need it makes all the difference.

Designed for All-Day Wear

Who wants the hassle of constantly swapping out readers, computer glasses, and distance eyewear? With Dial Vision’s seamless magnification adjustability, you can wear one pair comfortably from sunrise to sunset.

The lightweight frames stay put without pinching or chafing. Flexible cushioned arms ensure a custom contoured fit. At just 30 grams total weight, you’ll barely notice these glasses as you go about your day.

The scratch-resistant lenses stand up to everyday use. And the classic wayfarer silhouette complements both men’s and women’s styles. Why juggle multiple pairs when one does it all?

Optimize Your Vision for Any Task

Dial Vision glasses aren’t just for reading – they can optimize your sight whether you’re:

  • Working on crafts or models
  • Cozying up with a book
  • Navigating your smartphone and tablet
  • Tackling paperwork at the office
  • Reading the cereal box over breakfast
  • Looking at vacation photos
  • Watching your favorite shows
  • Sightseeing on trips

With a quick adjustment of the dials, you can enjoy sharp vision tailored for any activity throughout your day. No more peering and squinting at blurry words and images.

Experience next-level eye comfort and convenience with Dial Vision adjustable glasses. Just click Add to Cart to get your pair!


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