DEPEYE Blue Light Filtering Glasses for Nearsightedness – Retro Round Metal Frames



The DEPEYE Blue Light Blocking Myopia Glasses filter out digital eye strain while correcting vision. These retro, round metal frames come in 12 lens strengths from -0.5 to -6.0 for managing nearsightedness and blocking harmful blue light.

The lightweight mixed TR90 and stainless steel frames only weigh 18-32 grams depending on your lens prescription strength. The barely-there feel prevents pressure on your nose, ears, and head for comfortable all-day wear. Flexible, durable steel hinges and nose pads also provide a custom fit.

DEPEYE designed these blue light computer glasses specifically for myopic individuals who spend hours staring at digital screens. The HD polycarbonate lenses effectively cut out 90% of blue light from 400-455nm wavelength to prevent eye fatigue. This protects your vision whether working, studying, gaming, or streaming movies.

Key Features:

  • Blocks 90% of blue light from LED screens up to 455nm
  • Corrects nearsightedness from -0.5 to -6.0
  • HD polycarbonate lenses filter blue light without color distortion
  • Ultralight 18-32 gram TR90 and stainless steel frames
  • Flexible steel hinges and nose pads for a custom fit
  • Classic retro round lens shape flatters wide face shapes

The round 52mm lens diameter and keyhole bridge provide a retro look that complements oval, square, heart, and wide face shapes. While filtering blue light, the HD polycarbonate lenses maintain color clarity and accuracy unlike yellow tinted lenses.

Whether you have mild, moderate, or high myopia, the DEPEYE blue blocking glasses have 12 strengths available. Simply enter your prescription when ordering to receive custom-cut lenses. This saves you trips to the optician.

Relieve Tired, Strained Eyes from Excess Screen Time

Myopic individuals often develop worsening nearsightedness and eye fatigue from overusing digital devices. The blue-violet light emitted penetrates deep within the eye, damaging your retina and straining your already compromised vision.

Wearing the DEPEYE glasses creates a barrier against these harmful rays before they enter your eyes. The results are noticeable relief from tired, dry, irritated eyes plus reduced headaches and blurred vision from screens.

While giving your eyes regular breaks is ideal, it’s not always feasible with school, jobs, and life demanding extended computer and phone use. DEPEYE glasses allow you to keep browsing, reading, working, and gaming without worsening existing myopia symptoms.

Help Correct Nearsighted Vision While Protecting Your Eyes

Don’t choose between managing your myopia or blocking blue light – the DEPEYE glasses do both!

They filter the white and blue light spectrums most likely to exacerbate nearsighted vision issues. This prevents overworking your eyes and worsening vision long-term.

The custom-cut lenses also directly correct blurred distance vision from -0.5 to -6.0 prescriptions. This makes screen use more comfortable while boosting clarity.

Whether you’re a student, programmer, writer, or graphic designer, you can safely use devices for hours without sacrificing your vision.

Classic Retro Style with Modern Lens Technology

The round 52mm lenses and keyhole bridge provide ’50s inspired style while the blue light blocking HD lenses offer cutting-edge function.

The translucent TR90 frames come in versatile black or tortoiseshell colors to match your existing eyewear. Metal details add durability and dimension. The arms measure 140mm to sit comfortably behind your ears.

At just 142mm wide, the frames complement broad face shapes without overwhelming your features. Flat lenses sit close to the face for a flattering appearance. Despite the vintage look, the myopia correcting lenses incorporate the latest technology to protect your eyes.

Super Lightweight Frames for All Day Wear

While most blue light glasses have thick, bulky frames, the DEPEYE myopia blocking glasses only weigh 18-32 grams. This is nearly half the weight of many optical frames.

The incredibly light mixed TR90 and stainless steel construction won’t leave indentations on your nose or ears with prolonged wear. You can comfortably use them for 10+ hours of studying, work, and entertainment without discomfort.

Flexible spring hinges connect the arms to the frames so they contour to your head shape. Rubber nose pads also prevent slippage. The glasses won’t move around or need constant re-adjustment on your face.

Give your eyes a break and look stylish doing it with the DEPEYE Blue Light Blocking Myopia Glasses! Your eyes will thank you.


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