DEMIKOS Polarized Sunglasses for Men Women UV400 Protection Retro Mirror Lens for Driving Fishing



Look stylish and protect your eyes with the new DEMIKOS polarized sunglasses! These trendy unisex sunglasses feature a classic retro design that looks great on both men and women. The high quality polarized lenses effectively reduce glare, improve clarity, and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Cut Glare and Enhance Clarity

The polarized lenses use advanced HD polarization technology to cut reflected glare and scattered light. By filtering out reflected light, polarization allows you to see clearer, sharper images with improved contrast and true color perception. This reduces eye fatigue and strain so you can enjoy outdoor activities in visual comfort. The lenses also feature a mirror coating to further reduce glare.

100% UV400 Protection

Don’t let the sun damage your eyes! The DEMIKOS sunglasses provide complete UV400 protection by blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm. Long term UV exposure can lead to serious eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye. The UV400 protection will shield your eyes while driving, fishing, boating, skiing, climbing, hiking, and during any outdoor activity.

Lightweight Durable Frames

The frames are made of a lightweight yet durable composite material that’s flexible and scratch-resistant. The special construction makes them lighter and more comfortable than standard frames. The flexible temples prevent breakage and gently hug the head to prevent slipping. The smooth nose pads prevent pinching or chafing. Enjoy a comfortable, secure fit.

Stylish Mirrored Lens Options

Choose from a variety of stylish mirrored lens colors like silver, blue, gold, pink or rainbow to match your style! The mirrored coating reflects light and adds a flash of color to the lenses. Or go with gray, brown or green lenses for a more classic understated look. The lenses measure 2.2 inches wide by 1.7 inches tall for full eye coverage.

Perfect for Men and Women

These universal sunglasses feature a unisex frame design that flatters both men and women. The frame measures 5.7 inches wide and features a gentle curve along the temples. The frames are available in classic black or tortoise patterns. The Wayfarer-inspired design is a timeless look that complements oval, round, and heart shaped faces.

Ideal for Outdoor Activities

Take these polarized sunglasses anywhere! They’re perfect for driving, fishing, boating, beach trips, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, yardwork, concerts, festivals, traveling, and all day wear. The outdoor activities where polarization makes the biggest difference are fishing, boating, and driving, as the lenses cut reflective glare from the water or road.

Lifetime Support

DEMIKOS provides complete customer service if you have any issues with your sunglasses. Each order is double checked for quality and authenticity. Feel free to contact the helpful support team if you have any questions or concerns – they will make it right! DEMIKOS offers a lifetime support guarantee when you purchase these polarized sunglasses.

Order With Confidence

Experience the difference polarized lenses make for yourself! The DEMIKOS sunglasses are backed by a risk-free purchase guarantee. Try them for 30 days – if you don’t love them, return them for a full refund. You have nothing to lose! Protect your eyes in style with DEMIKOS.


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