Defined Vision Kids Eye Patches – 120PCS Cartoon Bear Design for Lazy Eye Treatment



Help Improve Your Child’s Vision with Fun, Pediatrician-Recommended Eye Patches

Does your child have amblyopia (lazy eye)? Or maybe you noticed one eye wanders inward or outward at times. Eye patches are often prescribed to help strengthen weak eyes and correct crossed or wandering eyes.

The Defined Vision Kids Eye Patches make vision therapy more enjoyable for children. With 120 patches in a colorful cartoon bear design, you’ll have plenty for daily use.

Doctor-Recommended Eye Patch Treatment
Pediatric ophthalmologists commonly recommend covering the stronger eye to force the weaker eye to work harder. This strengthens the muscles and improves vision.

Eye patches are a proven treatment for:

– Amblyopia (lazy eye) – When one eye has much weaker vision
– Strabismus (crossed eyes) – When the eyes don’t align properly
– Eye muscle imbalance – One eye wanders inward or outward

Daily patching of the good eye encourages the weaker eye to improve. Consistent use of prescription eye patches leads to long-term vision correction.

Child-Friendly Features for Comfort and Safety

The Defined Vision Kids Eye Patches are specially designed for comfortable pediatric use:

– Cute Cartoon Bears – The fun pattern makes kids excited to wear their eye patch
– Light Blue Color – Matches children’s eyeglasses for a subtle look
– Latex-Free – Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
– Breathable Material -Allows air circulation to prevent irritation
– Gentle Adhesive – Sticks securely but removes easily from skin

The included shield layer blocks light from entering around patch edges. This forces maximum use of the patched eye.

Stock Up for Daily Use
With 120 patches in each pack, you’ll always have plenty on hand for daily eye training. Once applied, patches should be worn for a several hours or as long as prescribed by your child’s eye doctor.

Having enough for frequent changes keeps the area around your child’s eye clean for healthy skin. Replace immediately if the patch becomes wet, dirty, or the adhesive loosens.

Use eye patches over the strong eye for:

– Watching TV
– Playing indoors
– At nap time/bedtime
– Reading books
– Playing educational games
– Arts and crafts
– Homeschooling

Take the patches along in your diaper bag or purse to use while running errands or dining out. Consistent wear every day provides the visual stimulation needed to improve eye strength and alignment.

Choose the Fun Eye Patch Design Your Child Loves

The cute cartoon bears make children excited to apply their vision patches. Other designs can appear medical and scary.

The Defined Vision bear patches look like stickers and even patch wearing siblings won’t feel left out. If one eye needs correcting, the other can wear a bear patch too!

Give your child’s confidence a boost by letting them choose where to place each patch. The gentle adhesive makes repositioning easy when starting out. Offer a reward like a sticker chart each time they keep it on for the full suggested period.

With a doctor-prescribed patching schedule and these child-friendly eye patches, you’ll see vision improvement in the months ahead. Protect your child’s eyesight with the proven therapy that gets results.

Order the Defined Vision Kids Eye Patches today to receive 120 latex-free, hypoallergenic patches in a convenient resealable package.


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