COVESATO Half Frame Reading Glasses – Stylish Yet Functional Optical Aids for Men and Women



Do you find yourself squinting to read text on your phone, tablet, or books? Do the words start to blur together after just a few minutes of reading? It may be time to get yourself a pair of reading glasses.

The COVESATO Half Frame Reading Glasses offer a stylish and lightweight option to help sharpen your vision when you need it. The slim, semi-rimless design sits elegantly on your face, providing a clear field of vision without completely framing your eyes. You’ll be able to read comfortably again without the hassle of constantly putting on and taking off traditional reading glasses.

Features and Benefits

Sleek, Contemporary Styling

The COVESATO reading glasses feature a slim, semi-rimless frame made of durable alloy metal. The shape has an angular, upswept look at the corners that flatters a variety of face shapes. The arms taper gently without excess bulk. Choose from classic colors like black, brown, and silver to complement your personal style.

Lightweight Comfort

Weighing a mere 26g per pair, you’ll barely notice these reading glasses on your face. The shortened frame reaches just under your eyebrows to provide an unobstructed view. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping. The frames also have spring hinges to flex when putting them on and taking them off.

scratch resistant

Versatile Magnification Strengths

The COVESATO reading glasses come in a range of magnifying lens powers, suitable for different reading needs:

– 1.0x for minor visual assistance
– 1.5x for reading books and magazines
– 2.0x for reading newspapers and menus
– 2.5x for reading medicine bottles and text messages
– 3.0x for reading fine print

With multiple pairs, you can keep different strengths handy for close-up tasks like sewing, assembling models, or doing crafts.

Tough Yet Lightweight Lenses

Don’t let the slim profile fool you. The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate that can withstand minor impacts. Weighing just 1mm thick, the material is half the weight of regular plastic lenses while being 10 times more impact resistant. A scratch-resistant coating also helps maintain transparency over time.

When Do You Need Reading Glasses?

If you find yourself exhibiting any of these common symptoms, half-frame reading glasses can provide some visual relief:

  • Eyestrain when reading books, newspapers, magazines, menus, etc.
  • Squinting at a computer screen, phone, or tablet
  • Difficulty seeing in dim lighting
  • Headaches after prolonged periods of near work
  • Needing to hold reading material farther away to focus
  • Temporary blurriness after looking up from close work

Reading glasses work by magnifying objects up close. They typically provide magnification in the +1.00 to +3.00 range. Single vision lenses sharpen your entire field of view when worn.

People start needing reading glasses in their 40s and 50s as the eyes’ lenses lose elasticity over time. This reduces your ability to accommodate focus on near objects. Don’t wait until constant eye strain gives you headaches. At the first sign of visual discomfort, try on a pair of readers for easier reading.

How to Choose Your Magnification Strength

Selecting the right lens power depends on your reading distance and visual needs:

1.0x-1.5x: For reading books, magazines, newspapers, menus, etc. held around 16 inches away. Ideal for onset presbyopia.

1.5x-2.0x: For reading books, newspapers, medicine labels, text messages from around 14 inches away. Most popular power for all-purpose use.

2.5x-3.0x: For reading very small text like footnotes or ingredients from 10 inches away. Stronger magnification for more advanced presbyopia.

Test out different strengths to find the one that lets you read comfortably without eye fatigue or excessive squinting. Generally, pick the weakest power that sharpens text sufficiently. You can start low at 1.0x and work your way up as your eyes change over time.

Using Your Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are purely for occasional, close-up use. Avoid wearing them for distances over 18 inches or full-time as computer glasses. Extended wear can weaken your unaided vision over time.

Follow these tips to use your readers effectively when you need visual assistance:

  • Put them on only when reading or doing close work.
  • Push them down your nose to look at distance.
  • Use proper lighting to reduce eye strain.
  • Clean lenses as needed with the included cloth.
  • Store in the case when not in use.
  • Have your eyes examined regularly.

Reading glasses are a handy, affordable solution for tackling common presbyopia symptoms. At the first signs of visual difficulty, try a pair to sharpen text and provide relief. With lightweight 2.5x lenses, the COVESATO Half Frame Glasses make reading a breeze again!

Buy With Confidence

COVESATO stands behind the quality of their reading glasses. Each pair comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and 1 year manufacturer warranty. Contact us anytime for a full refund or replacement if you have any issues with the product. We take pride in providing exemplary customer service and only want happy customers.

Experience effortless reading when you need it with the COVESATO Half Frame Reading Glasses today!


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