COTIA Classic Reader Sunglasses – Full Magnification UV Protective Lenses for Men



Do you find yourself constantly switching between your regular glasses and sunglasses when going in and out of bright sunlight? With COTIA’s Classic Reader Sunglasses, you don’t have to anymore! These innovative sunglasses combine magnified reading lenses with UV400 protection to give you the best of both worlds in one convenient pair of glasses.

The entire lens on these classic wayfarer-style reader sunglasses is magnified, acting like a pair of reading glasses. No more straining to read small text or see details up close. The medium magnification power is ideal for tasks like looking at your phone, reading menus, maps or instructions, and any other everyday viewing. The square shaped lenses also provide a wide field of vision.

When you go back outside, the tinted lenses immediately cut glare and filter harsh UV rays. Now you can drive, walk, or relax outside comfortably without squinting. The lenses block 100% of UVB and UVA radiation up to 400nm, providing essential protection for your eyes against damage. Plus, the sleek black full frames not only look great but prevent stray light from entering your peripheral vision.

With COTIA’s 2-in-1 reader sunglasses, you’ll always have crisp, magnified vision whether you’re inside or outdoors. No more carrying multiple pairs of eyewear or losing track of your readers! Just slip on these sunglasses anytime you need help reading or protection from sunlight. Their classic style and versatile functionality make them perfect for:

Driving – Easily view your dashboard and the road ahead without hazardous glare.

Beach & Boating – Read books, texts, maps without straining. See sharp detail while protecting your eyes from sun and water reflection.

Travel – Read signs, maps, programs, restaurant menus, etc. Explore new places with ease and shade.

Shopping & Running Errands – Effortlessly review receipts, coupons, product labels, and more. Transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor viewing.

Outdoor Recreation – View trail maps, fishing lures, camping setup instructions, scorecards, and so much more up close. Enjoy activities without squinting or switching glasses.

Concerts & Festivals – Read programs and signs without glare interfering. Keep your eyes shaded from stage lights.

Everyday Use – Simply wear these versatile readers sunglasses all day long to have magnification and UV protection handy anytime you need it!

While functional, COTIA’s reader sunglasses also offer timeless style with their classic wayfarer design. The lightweight frame is specially engineered with impact and scratch resistant material for long lasting durability. The flexible composite frame material and adjustable rubber nose pads provide a customized, comfortable fit.

As an added bonus, a glasses case, cleaning cloth, and friendly customer service are included with your purchase! If you ever have any issues with your reader sunglasses, contact COTIA’s helpful support team for a timely resolution.

Give your eyes what they’ve been missing with COTIA’s ingenious 2-in-1 Reader Sunglasses. Don’t waste another minute constantly switching between flimsy drugstore readers and sunglasses. Get durable magnification and protection conveniently combined in one pair of glasses you’ll want to wear every day!


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