Clearly See Near and Far – Stylish Progressive Reading Glasses for Women and Men



Struggling to read up close? Squinting to see far away? Our innovative Progressive Reading Glasses solve both problems! With a unique no-line multifocal lens, the top lets you see distances while the bottom has a reading prescription.

These multifunction glasses provide crisp, clear vision whether you’re reading a book, using the computer, or looking across the room. The seamless transition between focal points makes it easy to switch focus. No more constantly taking readers on and off!

The lightweight TR90 frame won’t weigh down your face. Flexible spring hinges allow a custom fit that stays comfortable all day. Chic blue mirrored lenses not only look trendy but also reduce eye strain by blocking harmful blue light from screens.

Protect your eyes while looking stylish with these multi-use reading glasses! The functional yet fashionable design complements any outfit.

Experience the convenience of having reading cheaters and distance glasses in one pair. No more carrying around two separate eyeglasses or dealing with blurry vision. Our innovative glasses solve both problems at once!

Key Benefits:

  • No-line progressive lenses read up close and see far away
  • Lightweight TR90 frame with spring hinges for comfort
  • Blue light blocking lenses reduce digital eye strain
  • Chic style complements any outfit
  • Avoid blurry vision without switching glasses

How to Use Your Progressive Reading Glasses:

  1. Hold glasses horizontally with lenses facing your eyes.
  2. Place earpieces over ears and rest bridge on nose.
  3. Look through the top of lenses to see distances clearly.
  4. Look through the bottom of lenses to read text up close.
  5. Seamlessly transition between focal points as needed.

It may take 1-3 weeks to fully adjust to progressive lenses. Brief dizziness is normal at first as your eyes learn to switch focus. Avoid driving while adapting.

Soon you’ll effortlessly view near and far without constantly changing eyeglasses! Free yourself from the hassle of swapping readers & distance glasses.

Our revolutionary design prevents the blurred vision, eyestrain, and headaches caused by improper prescriptions. Enjoy crystal clear sight whether reading a menu or looking down the street.

Don’t settle for uncomfortable drugstore cheaters that distort your vision. Experience the comfort and clarity of our premium progressive glasses!

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Stylish Blue Progressive Reading Glasses
  • 1 x Protective Glasses Case
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Glasses Cord

Upgrade your vision without buying multiple pairs of prescription eyeglasses. Our innovative reading glasses provide both distance AND up close sight correction.

Correcting your vision doesn’t have to be a burden. Enjoy effortless reading and clear far away viewing with the convenience of our 2-in-1 progressive glasses.


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