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Tired of squinting to see things far away? Wish you could read a book without holding it at arm’s length? Introducing the CHNLML Myopia Glasses, the stylish and affordable solution for nearsightedness.

These classic frameless spectacles are specially designed for people with myopia (nearsightedness) to help them see clearly at a distance. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses provide crisp, undistorted vision so you can view objects, screens, and scenery without eye strain or headaches.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable frameless design
  • Polycarbonate lenses correct nearsighted vision
  • Blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays to protect eyes
  • Available in a variety of lens powers from -1.00 to -10.00
  • Unisex style suitable for women and men
  • Anti-reflective coating minimizes glare and reflections
  • Scratch-resistant lenses maintain clarity

Gone are the days of squinting and eye fatigue thanks to these myopia glasses by CHNLML. The precisely calibrated lenses are customized to your unique vision needs, providing crisp and undistorted vision at any distance. Whether you have low, moderate, or high myopia, we have the right lens power for you.

The lightweight polycarbonate material makes these glasses comfortable to wear all day long. At just 17mm, the lenses are thin, stylish, and practically invisible on your face. The frameless design with adjustable nose pads ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

The anti-reflective coating helps reduce reflections and glare that can cause headaches and eye strain. Meanwhile, the scratch-resistant coating protects the lenses from damage over time. The glasses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays to protect your eyes outdoors.

In addition to distance vision correction, these myopia glasses can also aid in night driving, watching TV, seeing chalkboards, using computers, and other everyday tasks. The glasses come packaged in a protective case so they’re easy to store and travel with.

Technical Details:

  • Lens width: 50mm
  • Lens height: 40mm
  • Bridge width: 15mm
  • Temple length: 145mm
  • Frame material: plastic
  • Lens material: polycarbonate
  • 100% UV protection

Lens Power Options:

  • -1.00
  • -1.50
  • -2.00
  • -2.50
  • -3.00
  • -3.50
  • -4.00
  • -4.50
  • -5.00
  • -5.50
  • -6.00
  • -6.50
  • -7.00
  • -7.50
  • -8.00
  • -8.50
  • -9.00
  • -9.50
  • -10.00

Ready to throw away those presbyopic reading glasses and upgrade to myopia distance glasses? Order yours today! Our qualified optometrists will help you select the ideal lens power for correcting YOUR nearsightedness.

At CHNLML, your vision health is our top priority. We stand behind our products with a 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Don’t settle for straining to see – get crisp, clear distance vision with fashionable and functional myopia glasses by CHNLML today!


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