Carrera FLAGLAB 12 0000 Rose Gold Sunglasses – Sophisticated Style Meets Function



Introducing the Carrera FLAGLAB 12 0000 rose gold sunglasses, combining elegant design with functional performance. Crafted in Italy, these sunglasses make a stylish fashion statement while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Sleek Aviator Frames

The Carrera FLAGLAB 12 0000 feature a cool aviator shape with sleek metal frames plated in lustrous 18K rose gold. The aviator style emerged in the 1930s for pilots and quickly became a popular fashion accessory. These iconic aviator sunglasses have a timeless look that flatters a wide range of face shapes.

Therose gold frames have a polished finish and subtle shine, providing an elegant touch. Gold hues pair beautifully with the gradient brown lenses, creating a sophisticated aesthetic. The straight brow bar and double bridge add striking detail.

Gradient Lenses Enhance Vision

The lenses utilize gradient tinting, transitioning from a lighter brown at the top to a darker shade at the bottom. This style of lens enhances vision in varying light conditions. The lighter shade at the top allows more light transmission to aid vision in low light environments like cloudy days. The darker tint at the bottom blocks bright sunlight to reduce glare and eye strain.

Gradient lenses also add depth, giving the sunglasses a unique appearance. The brown color provides enhanced contrast and visual definition. By filtering out excessive light and minimizing glare, these lenses create a sharper, clearer field of vision.

Total UV Protection

The lenses offer 100% protection against intense UV rays from the sun. Exposure to UV light can lead to a higher risk of eye problems like cataracts. The lenses block both UVA and UVB rays to filter out harmful ultraviolet light and keep your eyes healthy.

In addition, the brown tint enhances visual contrast and depth perception compared to clear lenses. This allows you to see more clearly in bright conditions by reducing glare and eye fatigue.

Lightweight Comfort

The Carrera FLAGLAB 12 0000 sunglasses weigh only 23 grams, making them ultra lightweight and barely noticeable when worn. The metal aviator frames remain securely and comfortably in place during wear. Adjustable nose pads and arm lengths allow customization for optimal fit.

The lightweight sunglasses won’t cause neck strain or headaches even after hours of wear. Enjoy wearing them during outdoor activities and sports without discomfort or slipping.

Premium Case Included

Your sunglasses come packaged in an official Carrera hard case to keep them protected. The durable case prevents scratching or damage when not in use or while traveling. An integrated cleaning cloth allows you to wipe away dust or fingerprints to keep your sunglasses looking pristine.

Show off your style with the sleek Carrera FLAGLAB 12 0000 rose gold sunglasses. Order today to enjoy premium UV protection and standout aviator styling.


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