Calabria Flex Collection KIDS 76 Oval Metal Reading Glasses with Blue Light Filter or Clear Lens for Girls



Finding reading glasses that are both durable and stylish for your young girl can be a challenge. Children tend to be rough on eyewear while also wanting options that express their personal style. The Calabria Flex Collection KIDS 76 glasses artfully combine resilient build quality with youthful flair. Available with blue light filtering or clear lenses, these oval metal readers allow your child to comfortably view screens or books with visual protection tailored to their needs.

Appealing yet Sturdy Oval Frames

The sleek oval eyewear frames add a dash of sophisticated style perfect for any young lady. The full rim metal construction wraps securely around the lenses without looking bulky or oversized on a child’s face. While definitively feminine, the frames retain a unisex versatility that works for different personal aesthetics. Your girl can choose bold pops of color or classic black frames to complement her outfits.

Despite the lightweight feel, these oval readers meet MIL-STD-810G military standards for durability. The flex hinges, stainless steel barrel hinges, and corrosion resistant spring hinges withstand drops, scrapes, twisting, and bending stress. While kids will be kids, these hardy readers will stand up to real life wear and tear.

Customized Blue Light or Clear Lenses

Too much blue light exposure from tablets, phones, and computers can lead to digital eye strain. However, blocking all blue light is not ideal for reading books. That’s why Calabria designed these oval glasses with dual lens options:

Blue Light Filter Lenses

The BLUE427 lenses filter 70% of transmitted blue light (wavelengths between 400nm-450nm). This significantly cuts eye fatigue and strain when viewing screens for hours. The lenses maintain vivid color clarity and brightness needed for online learning and gaming.

Clear Lenses

The transparent, non-tinted lenses optimize natural light transmission across the visible light spectrum. By allowing all light wavelengths through, the clear lenses deliver the sharpest text visualization for sustained reading.

Having both choices allows you to pick the best lenses for your child’s visual needs whether studying, playing, or relaxing.

Comfort-Driven Design

Beyond stylish looks and durable build, the Calabria KIDS 76 glasses prioritize comfort:

  • Adjustable spring hinges flex and snap back to gently hug different head shapes without pinching.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel barrel hinges smoothly pivot without loosening over time.
  • Silicone nose pads prevent slipping while avoiding pressure points on young noses.
  • Lightweight construction reduces strain on children’s delicate facial muscles and bones.
  • The polished enamel coating resists scratching if the glasses are dropped or scraped.

Little details like smudge-proof lenses make these children’s reading glasses a pleasure to wear all day long without fuss.

Precision Kids’ Dimensions

These oval reading glasses are sized just right for kids with measurements of:

  • Frame Width: 4.73 inches
  • Lens Height: 1.11 inches
  • Lens Width: 1.82 inches
  • Bridge Width: 0.71 inches
  • Temple Arm Length: 5.32 inches

The petite proportions ensure a gap-free fit with the frames hugging your child’s face. Say goodbye to slipping and discomfort.

Durable Glasses Case Included

Each pair of Calabria KIDS 76 reading glasses come complete with a sturdy glasses case. The hard protective case prevents the oval glasses from getting crushed in backpacks. The anti-scratch lining keeps the lenses pristine. The snap closure prevents the glasses from falling out while kids are on the move between school, activities, and home.

Give your little girl glasses she feels confident and beautiful wearing all day long. With unbreakable durability, customized lenses, and comfortable proportions for kids, the Calabria Flex Collection KIDS 76 oval readers tick all the boxes. Place your order today!


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