Boost Eyewear 12 Pack Reader Glasses – Lightweight Rectangular Frames for Men and Women



Stay Focused and Fashionable with Boost Eyewear’s 12 Pack Reading Glasses

Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, work documents, or the morning newspaper? Don’t let eye strain ruin your day or slow you down. Boost Eyewear’s 12 pack of lightweight reading glasses makes it easy to focus while looking stylish.

This value set includes 12 pairs of classic matte black rectangular reading glasses. The ultra-lightweight frames comfortably fit most face shapes and sizes. Soft cushioned inserts at the temple ends help prevent slippage behind the ears. Each pair features shatter-resistant lenses in the same magnification strength, so you can stash them anywhere – at home, work, or in the car.

With 12 pairs, you’ll always have reading glasses within reach. Keep them everywhere you need a little help seeing:

– Bedside table for reading before bed
– Kitchen for cookbooks and recipes
– Home office for bills, documents, and computer work
– Bathroom counter for grooming, makeup, and skincare routines
– Car glovebox for maps and directions
– Desk at work for meetings, reports, and paperwork
– Living room for newspapers, magazines, and books
– Purse or bag for on-the-go reading

Why You’ll Love These Reading Glasses:

Value Set of 12 Pairs – No more hunting for your glasses! With 12 pairs, you can keep reading glasses anywhere you need them. Share with family too.

Lightweight Rectangular Frames – The slim matte black frames complement every face shape. Ultra-light materials make them comfy for all-day wear.

Non-Slip Cushioned Temples – Soft inserts prevent sliding and discomfort behind the ears. No need for annoying adjustment.

Shatter-Resistant – Durable lenses and frames hold up to daily use. Tested for safety too.

Magnification Strength – Reduce eye fatigue and strain when reading up close. Set comes with a single magnification strength.

Classic Stylish Look – The simple rectangular shape looks sharp on both men and women. Matte finish is modern and sophisticated.

Better Than Drugstore Readers – Flimsy cheap pairs break and scratch easily. Boost Eyewear uses better materials for long-lasting quality.

Make Reading Easier and Look Great Too

Struggling to see menus, books, screens, and more? Don’t let eye strain slow you down or give you headaches. Slip on a pair of Boost Eyewear reading glasses and make reading easier on your eyes.

The lightweight rectangular frames are so comfy and stylish, you’ll want to wear them all the time. The matte finish looks contemporary yet classic. Both women and men love the flattering shape.

Stop squinting, headaches, and blurry vision. Keep multiple pairs handy anywhere you need help reading. Boost Eyewear’s 12 pack gives you spares to share so you’ll never be without clear vision again.

Order now and say goodbye to eye fatigue and frustration!


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