Bolle Keelback Polarized Sports Sunglasses – Hydrophobic Oleophobic Anti-Reflective Photochromic Lenses



Experience superior visual clarity and protection with the Bolle Keelback sunglasses. Designed for an active lifestyle, these innovative sunglasses feature B-thin photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, keeping your eyes comfortable in any environment.

Advanced B-Thin Photochromic Lenses

The Keelback sunglasses incorporate Bolle’s cutting-edge B-thin photochromic lens technology. The lenses intelligently transition from a light rose tint to a dark brown tint depending on the intensity of UV exposure. This allows them to adapt seamlessly to your surroundings, whether you’re hiking under the bright sun or running trails in a shady forest.

In bright conditions, the lenses darken to category 3 sun protection, filtering out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. In low light, they lighten to a comfortable 12% tint to sharpen visual contrast and depth perception. The smooth photochromic transition prevents straining your eyes in changing conditions.

Hydrophobic Oleophobic Lens Coatings

The polycarbonate B-thin lenses are infused with advanced hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. These coatings create a strong water and oil repellent barrier on the lenses.

Water effortlessly glides off the lenses in drops, taking dust and grease with it. This keeps your vision crystal clear in wet environments or during high sweat activities. The coatings also make the lenses very easy to clean by reducing smudging and streaking from fingerprints.

Glare Eliminating Technology

The lenses utilize Bolle’s proprietary anti-reflective treatments on the front and back surfaces. This virtually eliminates glare and eye fatigue caused by scattered light bouncing within the lenses.

By diffusing and focusing light precisely to your eyes, the treatments deliver truer color perception and enhanced visual clarity. The treatments also allow more light through the lenses for bright, vivid vision in any environment.

Lightweight Comfortable Frames

The durable nylon frames are extremely lightweight, flexible and non-slip. The material conforms comfortably to your head without squeezing. Adjustable non-slip rubber nose pads prevent slipping even during active use.

The straight back temples keep the Keelback sunglasses securely in place. Integrated ventilation channels circulate air to prevent fogging and overheating in hot humid conditions.

Designed for Performance and Protection

With sharp sporty styling and advanced technology, the Bolle Keelback sunglasses are designed for optimal performance and protection. The intelligently adapting photochromic lenses keep your eyes comfortable anywhere. Hydrophobic oleophobic treatments repel smudges, water and sweat. Anti-reflective coatings sharpen and enhance your vision while reducing fatigue. Slip-resistant padding secures the sunglasses during activity.

The Bolle Keelbacks are perfect for hiking, running, water sports, driving or casual everyday wear. Keep your eyes protected and performing their best with these innovative sunglasses from Bolle!


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