BLUPOND Sunglasses Case – Protective Semi Hard EVA Shell Carrying Case for Glasses Storage with Metal Hook and Belt Clip



Keep your sunglasses safe and sound wherever you roam with the BLUPOND Sunglasses Case. This premium semi-hard case is specially designed to protect your shades from damage while providing easy portability.

Constructed from EVA foam – a durable, lightweight material used in sports equipment – the case absorbs impacts and shields your sunglasses from scratches, cracks, and dents. The sleek, compact shape slides effortlessly into pockets, bags, or backpacks for convenience on the go.

The interior is custom-molded to fit most standard sunglasses, with soft cushioning to keep them snug and prevent jostling. Folding frames and larger styles also have plenty of room thanks to the spacious dimensions.

Your glasses will stay neat and intact whether heading to the beach, park, pool, hiking trails, camping, fishing – anywhere your adventures may take you.

The secure dual zipper closure keeps contents protected from dust and debris. The flip-top opening allows quick and easy access whenever you need your shades. Interior pockets hold small accessories like cleaning cloths or tiny screwdrivers to make repairs.

An exterior metal carabiner lets you clip the case to belt loops, bags, keychains, etc. for instant accessibility. The hook also allows hanging in lockers, golf bags, or wherever convenient storage is needed.

Both stylish and functional, this case makes an excellent gift for the sunglasses lover in your life. Available in sleek black as well as eye-catching light blue and pink.

Why Choose the BLUPOND Sunglasses Case?

PROTECTIVE – Durable EVA shell absorbs impacts and scratches to keep glasses intact

SECURE – Padding holds glasses firmly in place to prevent shifting and jostling

SPACIOUS – Large internal dimensions fit most standard sunglasses styles

PORTABLE – Compact and lightweight for carrying in pockets, bags, backpacks

ACCESSORIES – Interior pockets store small items like cleaning cloths and tools

CROSSBODY – Metal carabiner clip attaches to belt loops, bags, key rings, etc.

HANDS-FREE – Built-in hook allows easy hanging when not in use

GIFTABLE – Stylish design available in black, blue, and pink

AFFORDABLE – Premium protection and quality at a budget-friendly price

TRUSTED BRAND – BLUPOND provides protective carrying cases for all valuables

Make sure your sunglasses receive the protection they deserve for years of use. With the BLUPOND Sunglasses Case, your shades stay safeguarded and travel-ready for all of life’s adventures.

Precision-engineered in a durable yet stylish design, this case is a must-have accessory for the sunglass enthusiast. Keep it handy in your bag, car, locker, golf kit, or travel gear. With multiple carry options, your glasses go where you go while staying protected.

The Value of a Quality Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses rank among the most frequently broken, lost, or damaged accessories. Their delicate frames and lenses require proper protection when not being worn. A poor quality case leads to cracked lenses, bent frames, or lost shades.

The BLUPOND Sunglasses Case offers premium protection to maintain your eyewear in flawless, like-new condition. The EVA foam shell absorbs impacts from drops and bumps. Plush lining prevents scratching. Your glasses stay safe from daily wear and tear.

The secure closure keeps contents protected from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that could scratch lenses or damage frames. Interior pockets allow carrying microfiber cloths or repair kits to keep glasses clean and fixed on the go.

The included carabiner and hook offer hands-free carrying options wherever you need them. The case always keeps your shades within quick reach.

With BLUPOND, your sunglasses receive first-class treatment and protection for optimal performance and longevity.

Give the Gift of Protection

With its sleek styling and color options, the BLUPOND Sunglasses Case makes an excellent gift for the sunglass lover in your life. Keep your partner’s, friend’s, or family member’s shades protected in custom-fit style.

Outdoor enthusiasts like golfers, cyclists, hikers, and more will appreciate the rugged protection and handy portability. It fits easily into golf bags, purse compartments, luggage, and more.

Make it a stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or holiday present for anyone who values their shades. The case keeps glasses safeguarded with 21st century materials but classic style.

Let BLUPOND safeguard your eyewear investment with our premium sunglasses case. Order yours today to keep your shades protected for years to come!


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