Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses with Spring Hinges – 3 Pack Womens Computer Glasses Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue



Tired of eye strain and headaches from staring at screens all day? Look no further than these blue light blocking reading glasses! With high-definition, anti-glare lenses that filter out harmful blue light, these readers provide crystal clear vision while protecting your eyes. Plus, the durable spring hinges allow the glasses to flex and fit your face comfortably for all-day wear.

The Benefits You’ll Love:

Blocks Harmful Blue Light Rays

Many of us spend hours each day looking at digital screens like phones, tablets, and computers. But the blue light emitted can lead to digital eye strain, fatigue, blurry vision, headaches, and disrupted sleep cycles. These reading glasses have lenses treated to filter out blue light so you can look at screens comfortably.

Reduces Glare for Crisp, Clear Viewing

No more squinting to see! The anti-glare lenses reduce reflections and glare so you can read and view screens easily without distortion or hazy vision. The high definition lenses provide optimal visual clarity too.

Alleviates Eye Strain and Fatigue

By blocking blue light and glare, these glasses alleviate eye tiredness and strain that comes from prolonged computer use or reading. Say goodbye to headaches and irritation from overworked eyes.

Flexible Spring Hinges for a Custom Fit

The spring hinges connect the frame front to the arms, allowing the glasses to flex and contour to your face. This creates a custom fit for all-day comfort. The frames won’t lose their shape over time either.

Tough Stainless Steel Frame for Durability

The metal frame and arms are constructed from stainless steel for maximum sturdiness and resistance to warping. You don’t have to worry about these glasses breaking even with daily use.

Stylish and Flattering Cat Eye Shape

Who said reading glasses have to be boring? These cat eye readers offer a stylish shape that flatters your features. The chic design adds a touch of glamor to your look.

How to Choose Your Magnification Strength:

This 3 pack comes with a variety of magnification strengths to suit your needs:

1.0 – For minor vision correction and fatigue relief when using digital screens
1.25 – For mild near-vision blurriness and screen viewing
1.50 – For small print reading and computer work
1.75 – For reading books, newspapers, magazines, and menus
2.0 – For moderate vision issues like newspaper and medication labels
2.25 – For reading and close-up tasks like sewing
2.5 – For more significant blurriness when reading books and documents
2.75 – For advanced vision correction needs
3.0 – For more serious near-vision impairment
3.25 – For significant close-up blurriness and vision impairment
3.5 – For substantial vision issues when doing near work
3.75 – For intense vision correction needs
4.0 – For severe near-vision blurriness

Ideal for work, school, reading, and hobbies, keep a pair handy in your purse, car, office, nightstand, or anywhere you need them. With daily use, these comfortable readers can help take the strain off your eyes.

Order now and we’ll include a protective glasses case and cleaning cloth too! Try these blue light blocking readers risk-free with our 1-year money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. Your eyes will thank you!


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