Block Out Harsh Blue Light and Relieve Digital Eye Strain with Weloveushop’s Stylish Square Computer Reading Glasses



Tired, strained eyes? Trouble sleeping after long hours staring at screens? It might be time for blue light glasses.

Weloveushop’s new square framed computer reading glasses filter out harsh blue light emitted from digital screens to bring relief to your eyes. Their stylish transparent lenses also reduce visual fatigue and headaches associated with prolonged computer, phone and tablet use.

filtering harsh blue light for clearer, more comfortable vision

Digital screens like phones, tablets, and computers emit high levels of blue light wavelengths that can lead to digital eye strain. Over time, exposure to blue light may also contribute to poor sleep.

Weloveushop’s square reading glasses have lenses treated with a special blue light filtering coating that blocks 90% of harsh blue light (wavelengths between 400-450nm). This alleviates eye fatigue from screens without distorting colors or negatively impacting visual acuity.

By filtering out the most eye-damaging blue light, these computer glasses allow you to work, read, play games, or watch videos on your devices for longer periods comfortably. The UV400 coating provides additional protection against ultraviolet rays.

Reduce headaches, watery eyes, and trouble sleeping

If you often get headaches, dry, watery eyes or have difficulty sleeping after using digital devices, Weloveushop’s blue light blocking computer glasses can help by:

– Alleviating eye strain, fatigue and headaches associated with long screen use

– Reducing symptoms of dry, irritated eyes caused by reduced blinking on screens

– Supporting natural melatonin production and circadian rhythms disrupted by blue light

– Allowing you to wind down more easily after evening screen use for high quality sleep

With Weloveushop’s glasses, you can enjoy your devices without pain or sleep disruption. The subtle transparent tint retains color integrity and won’t distort your view.

Ultra-lightweight unisex frame with adjustable arms

These square reading glasses feature an ultra lightweight TR90 frame with flexible adjustable arms to ensure a secure comfortable fit for both men and women.

Weighing only 18g, you’ll barely notice them on your face. The durable plastic frame won’t easily break or bend. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping.

At 140mm wide, these blue light glasses offer full eye coverage without looking oversized. The contemporary transparent square lenses measure 51mm high by 58mm wide, suited for medium to large faces.

As an added bonus, the frames come with a glasses chain and carrying case to keep them protected in your bag.

Reliable blue light protection you can count on

Weloveushop stands behind the quality of our blue light blocking glasses. The lenses are treated with a proven effective blue light filtering coating to give your eyes a break from visual stress and let you work and view screens comfortably.

We provide a lifetime breakage warranty and money back guarantee so you can try your blue light glasses risk-free. Have concerns? Contact our customer support team for prompt assistance.

Give your eyes the relief they need while staying stylish with Weloveushop’s square blue light blocking glasses! Add them to your cart today.


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