BISS INTL Premium Suede Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Glasses, Screens and Delicate Surfaces (6-Pack)



Keep your glasses, phones, tablets, and screens looking crystal clear with this 6-pack of premium suede microfiber cleaning cloths from BISS INTL. Lovingly and expertly crafted from ultra-plush materials, these reusable cloths lift away smudges, dust, fingerprints, grease, and dirt from even the most delicate surfaces, leaving them scratch, streak, and smudge free.

Gentle Yet Highly Effective Cleaning

Glasses and screens can easily get covered in fingerprints, dust, grease, and dirt from everyday use. While you may be tempted to use whatever is on hand to clean them, materials like tissues or paper towels can leave lint behind and aren’t absorbent enough to get into crevices. Standard microfiber can work but often pushes around dirt rather than lifting it away.

The super-plush and extra fine microfibers in BISS INTL’s cloths are specially designed to be ultra gentle yet lift away and trap particles, leaving surfaces immaculately clean. The soft suede material lightly glides over surfaces, absorbing oils and grime without ever scratching or leaving unsightly streaks or lint behind.

Safely and easily give your glasses, phone screens, tablets, laptops, jewelry, and other delicate items the tender love and care they deserve. Keep your valuables looking like new while avoiding damage from abrasive materials.

Durable, Long-Lasting, and Reusable

While the BISS INTL suede microfiber cloths are gentle on your belongings, they are made from durable materials built to stand the test of time. Each high quality cloth can be washed, air dried, and reused over and over again. With proper care, these will be your go-to cleaning companions for years to come.

Stop wasting money on flimsy paper products and low-quality microfibers that fall apart. Invest in reusable cloths that are soft on your valuables but tough enough for regular cleaning.

Perfectly Sized for Maximum Versatility

Measuring 6 by 7 inches, these perfectly portable cloths are ideal for cleaning small screens and delicate items. Keep one cloth by your laptop to give the screen a quick buffing throughout the day. Toss another in your bag to clean your sunglasses when you’re on the go.

The compact size also makes these easy to store and organize. Keep a cloth handy in your bedroom, office, car, and more without clutter.

From wiping down smartphones to polishing jewelry, the versatility of these cloths makes them a cleaning staple you’ll want to have stashed anywhere delicate surfaces need a gentle wipe down.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of customers swear by BISS INTL’s suede microfiber cloths for keeping their belongings looking like new. Here’s what they have to say:

“These cloths are absolute magic. I have very sensitive skin and most microfiber irritates my hands. But these are so soft and gentle, I can clean my glasses, phone, iPad, and screens with no problem. They really grab onto smudges and make everything crystal clear again.” – Amanda D.

“I used to use my t-shirt to clean my glasses but they would still come out covered in smears. The microfiber cloth that came with my glasses case got gross fast. These suede cloths clean my lenses perfectly and look brand new after washing. Plus I love that they come in a multi-pack so I can keep them everywhere I need them.” – Jacob R.

“These make cleaning so much easier and faster than it used to be. I have a cloth available in every room now – kitchen, living room, office, bathroom, etc. They just glide over surfaces and pick up any schmutz, dust, or fingerprints. I have glasses, screens, mirrors, and jewelry that have never looked cleaner.” – Barbara L.

Buy With Confidence

BISS INTL is a leader in manufacturing quality cleaning cloths and accessories. They believe everyone deserves products that make living easier while caring for their valuables. They also stand behind their cloths with a 100% money-back guarantee – if you are not fully satisfied, return for a full refund or replacement, no questions asked.

Give your glasses, screens, delicate surfaces, and valuables the outstanding care they deserve. Pick up a 6-pack of BISS INTL’s suede microfiber cleaning cloths today and see the cleaning magic for yourself.


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