Birdz Eyewear Amazing Two Pack Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner



Tired of foggy glasses and scratched lenses? Look no further than this two pack of Birdz Eyewear Amazing Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner! Specially formulated to clean your lenses without stripping away anti-fog, anti-glare, UV protection, and other specialty coatings, this spray cleaner will have your glasses crystal clear in an instant.

Unlike household cleaners like Windex, soap, and even laundry detergent that can wear away your lens coatings over time, Birdz Eyewear Cleaner is designed to safely clean lenses while maintaining the integrity of coatings. The result is streak-free glasses that stay fog-free and protected from glare and UV rays.

Keeps Anti-Fog and Protective Lens Coatings Intact

Glasses with anti-fog coatings rely on a thin, hydrophobic layer that prevents condensation from forming and obscuring your vision. Soap and detergents are designed to break down oils and grease – meaning they strip away anti-fog coatings every time you clean your lenses.

Birdz Eyewear Cleaner contains non-ionic surfactants that lift dirt, smudges, and oils without disturbing specialty lens coatings. The included anti-fog formula lays down a fresh layer of protection while cleaning your lenses for a clearer, lasting fog-free view.

Similarly, the non-abrasive formula protects anti-glare, UV blocking, polarization and other coatings that improve vision and eye protection. Avoid premature wear and keep your lenses performing like new.

Streak-Free Formula for Crystal Clear Lenses

Nothing is more frustrating than glasses that look smeary or hazy after cleaning. Inferior cleaners leave behind a residue that scatters light and makes seeing through your lenses difficult.

The Birdz Eyewear Cleaner solution contains no dyes, fragrances, or other additives – just a streak-free formula that wipes away dirt, oils, and grime without the messy residue.

The proprietary mix of alcohol, surfactants, and water cleans down to the microscopic level for optically clear lenses. No more squinting and constant re-cleaning – glasses look pristine with just a spritz and wipe.

Safe for All Lens Materials

From classic glass lenses to modern polycarbonate, Birdz Eyewear Cleaner can be used on virtually any lens material without risk of damage. The non-abrasive, no-scrub formula is gentle enough for antiques and vintage frames, but powerful enough for coated sports glasses and safety goggles.

Polycarbonate lenses and children’s eyewear are prone to scratching from improper cleaning. The alcohol-based Birdz solution dissolves oils, dirt, sunscreen, and other grime on contact – no risky rubbing or friction required. Rinse and wipe for clearer vision without fine scratches.

The non-corrosive, neutral pH formula is also safe for photochromic (transition), high-index, and Trivex materials. Spray away smudges on expensive prescription lenses without worry.

Pre-Moistened Microfiber Cloth Included

For ultimate convenience, each bottle of Birdz Eyewear Cleaner includes a bonus microfiber cleaning cloth. The ultra-soft cloth with sewn edge is ideal for wiping away solution without lint, scratches or pressure.

Just fold the cloth over, spray lenses with Birdz cleaner, then wipe away smudges and dirt. The microfiber lifts and traps particles without abrasion or static cling. Toss it in your bag or glovebox so you always have a way to clean your glasses on the go.

Keeps Computer Screens, Phones, Tablets, and More Squeaky Clean

Don’t reserve this lens cleaner just for your eyewear – it can also be used to clean TVs, tablets, phones, computer monitors, and other screens!

Phones and tablets touch our faces constantly, accumulating dirt, oils, and germs. A quick spritz of Birdz cleaner and wipe down keeps your screens hygienically clean and free of fingerprint smudges.

The alcohol formula sanitizes surfaces while evaporating completely clean without dreaded streaks or residue. Safely remove accumulated grime from your devices and enjoy HD clarity again.

It can even be used as a dust and particle remover for cameras, SLR lenses, and telescope optics. Wherever you need a powerful, non-abrasive cleaner free of additives, Birdz Eyewear Cleaner does the job right.

Why Choose Birdz Eyewear Cleaner?

– Cleans lenses without removing anti-fog, UV, polarization, and other coatings

– Alcohol-based formula dissolves oils, dirt, and grime on contact

– Leaves an invisible layer of anti-fog protection

– Streak-free optical clarity for scratch-free cleaning

– Safe for all lens materials including polycarbonate and glass

– Comes with bonus microfiber glasses cleaning cloth

– Can also be used to clean phones, tablets, TVs, monitors, and more

Keep your vision crisp, clear, and fog-free with this two pack of Birdz Eyewear Amazing Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner. It’s the safe, effective way to clean all your lenses while maintaining the engineered performance of specialty coatings. Order today and see the difference!


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