Bifocal Sports Wrap Around Yellow Lens Night Vision Driving Glasses – 100% UVA/UVB Protection for Men and Women



Feel young, hip and cool with the latest in multifunctional eyewear – the Bifocal Sports Wrap Around driving glasses with yellow tinted lenses. Combining the benefits of no-line bifocal reading magnification, wraparound UV protection, and crisp night vision yellow tint, these sunglasses upgrade your vision both day and night!

The rugged, flexible frame with adjustable rubber nose pads and tips ensure a comfortable contour fit for any face shape. The sleek wrap design offers an extra wide field of peripheral vision so you can easily scan side-to-side when driving or being active.

Seamless Bifocal Vision

Inside the yellow lenses are discreet no-line bifocals providing clear near vision in the lower portion of the lenses. Now you can read maps, texts, instruments, and dashboards without constantly peering over your glasses or swapping pairs! The bifocal segment provides the perfect magnification power for reading and close-up work, while allowing clear distance viewing through the upper portion.

Our DNVR bifocal technology (Double Near Vision Relief) allows your eyes to smoothly transition between zones. The precision optical engineering eliminates halo or blurry effects found in conventional bifocals. Just glance down to activate the bifocal area.

Superior Night Driving Ability

The lightly tinted yellow lenses optimize visibility for nighttime driving by improving contrast, depth perception, and glare reduction. Yellow is ideal for filtering haze and diffusing bright lights for sharper vision in low light. By filtering only a small percentage of light across the color spectrum, the lenses maintain full color integrity and natural light transmission.

Day or night, the durable polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes from harsh UVA/UVB radiation (up to 400nm) and resist impact and scratching. Now you can drive safer in sun or shade!

Wraparound Coverage

The sturdy TR90 frame is crafted from ultra lightweight titanium and flexible plastic for durability and bendability. Adjustable rubber nose pads allow custom fit for narrow or wide nose bridges to prevent slippage. The wraparound curvature hugs the contours of your face, providing ample coverage of your peripheral vision to easily scan side-to-side when driving or being active outdoors.

The open lens shape does not obstruct or constrict your field of view like smaller lens frames. Feel confident and in control behind the wheel or enjoying outdoor recreation!

Anti-Glare & Anti-Scratch

Engineered with advanced composite lens technology, the polycarbonate material effectively filters bright glare and haziness for improved night vision. The lenses incorporate scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings on both surfaces to protect your eyes from irritating reflections and friction.

The hydrophobic oleophobic surface treatments repel water, grease, dust, and fingerprints for easy cleaning. See clearer and sharper while driving or reading, free of distortion and reflections.

Unisex Stylish Design

Look slick and feel confident in these unisex sunglasses! The sleek wraparound frame features angular lines for a bold, sporty look. The TR90 memory plastic retains its shape even if stepped on.

Choose classic black or gray frames with smoke yellow lenses. These versatile shades complement any outfit from casual weekends to the professional work week. One pair offers anywhere, anytime performance and protection!

All Day Comfort

Built for active lifestyles, the flexible TR90 frame won’t pinch or create pressure points behind your ears or on your nose bridge. Cushioned rubber nose pads allow a custom contoured fit. At just 35g total weight, you’ll barely notice them on your face!

The glasses stay securely in place during work, driving, sports, yardwork, and other tasks. No more pushing ill-fitting glasses up your nose every few minutes. The arm tips adjust to optimally fit small to large head sizes.

Risk-Free Purchase

Experience the clarity and performance of these multifunctional yellow lens bifocal driving glasses for yourself! We back all purchases with a 100% satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee. Try them anywhere, anytime with zero risk.

Day or night, indoor or outdoor, enjoy cleaner, healthier vision instantly. These durable shades are built to become your new favorites!


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