Bewudy Silicone Nose Pads for Glasses – 20 Pairs of Ergonomic and Comfortable 3mm Airbag Eyeglass Nose Grips to Prevent Slipping



Tired of your glasses constantly slipping down your nose? Searching for a comfortable solution to keep your eyewear securely in place? Look no further than these innovative Bewudy Silicone Nose Pads for Glasses!

Featuring an ergonomic teardrop shape with a 3mm airbag design, these clever nose pads contour to your nose bridge for a personalized fit. The soft, high-quality silicone construction gently hugs your nose without pinching or irritation. And the built-in airbag provides a cushioning effect that evenly distributes the weight of your eyewear for unbeatable comfort.

Unlike standard nose pads that can dig into your skin, leave red marks, and cause pain, Bewudy’s airbag design significantly reduces pressure points. The rebound function also prevents indentation on your nose, even after prolonged wear. Whether you wear prescription glasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses, these nose pads will keep your eyewear comfortably and securely in place all day long.

With 20 pairs included, you’ll have plenty for both regular use and replacement. Choose between classic black or clean white silicone to seamlessly match your existing eyeglass frames. The self-adhesive padding sticks directly onto plastic frames, without the need for screws. Suitable for a wide range of eyewear styles and materials.

Applying the nose pads is a breeze! Simply clean the frame, allow to fully dry, then firmly press into place. Leave for a few minutes to ensure maximum adhesion. Enjoy your instantly upgraded glasses that no longer slip down constantly.


  • Ergonomic teardrop shape with 3mm airbag design
  • Soft, high-quality silicone construction
  • Contours to nose bridge for personalized fit
  • Cushioning effect evenly distributes weight of eyewear
  • Reduces pressure points that cause pinching and pain
  • Prevents red indentations on nose bridge
  • Rebound function keeps shape without flattening
  • Securely keeps glasses in place without slipping
  • Includes 20 pairs in black and white
  • Self-adhesive for easy application on plastic frames
  • Suitable for prescription glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses

Effortlessly Upgrade Your Eyewear Comfort

If you’re frustrated with glasses that never stay up or cause soreness on your nose, these Bewudy nose pads are the perfect solution. Their intelligent design eliminates discomfort while keeping your eyewear securely in optimal position. No more need to constantly nudge slipping glasses back up the bridge of your nose!

The ergonomic teardrop shape with airbag technology is truly game-changing for all-day wear. Finally enjoy glasses that fit your unique nose contour and remain comfortable hour after hour.

The high-quality silicone construction is far gentler than standard plastic nose pads that can dig painfully into skin. Enjoy cushioned comfort that relieves pressure points and prevents indentation or red marks on your nose.

With hassle-free adhesive application, you can upgrade both existing and new eyewear in just minutes. Stick directly onto plastic frames for glasses that no longer slip down your nose.

Don’t settle for bulky styles that are prone to slipping and leave you sore. Equip your eyewear with these innovative silicone nose pads for unbeatable fit, comfort, and security all day long. Add them to your cart now for glasses that stay perfectly in place!


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