Astropic Silk Eye Patch – The Gentle, Eco-Friendly Way to Give Your Eyes a Break



Do your eyes often feel tired and strained, especially after long hours staring at screens? Have you tried sleeping masks that are too bulky and end up irritating your eyes more?

Then it’s time you try the Astropic Silk Eye Patch. This natural, eco-friendly patch provides gentle coverage for either eye, allowing your peepers much-needed rest.

Read on to see why silk is the perfect material for a comfortable, reusable eye patch that protects your vision.

Natural, Hypoallergenic Silk Material

Synthetic materials like vinyl, nylon, and polyester may irritate sensitive skin around the eyes. No good when you’re aiming for relief!

That’s why the Astropic Eye Patch uses 100% Mulberry silk. This natural fabric is ultra-soft and hypoallergenic, perfect for the delicate eye area.

Silk’s smooth fibers won’t stick to eyelids or eyelashes. It allows your skin to breathe while blocking out light.

This natural material also regulates temperature well. It feels cooling against skin but won’t get clammy or sweaty.

Give your eyes a break from irritation with the gentle silk material of the Astropic Eye Patch.

Incredibly Lightweight and Breathable

Many eye masks and patches are too heavy, creating uncomfortable pressure on your eyes. This defeats the purpose of giving your eyes relief!

The Astropic Patch solves this issue with an over-glasses design. It sits comfortably on your face without touching your eyelid at all.

Weighing just 0.5oz, you’ll barely notice this feather-light patch. It won’t weigh down glasses or create any skin irritation.

The thin, breathable silk also prevents overheating around the eye area. No more sweaty, stifled feeling under bulky patches.

Covers Either Eye Flexibly

Do you only need to cover one eye at a time to rest it? No problem!

The Astropic Patch can be flipped upside down to comfortably cover either your left OR right eye.

Rotate the curved top edge to sit towards your eyebrow, blocking light from entering your chosen eye.

The flexible silk material forms to the contours of your face for a custom, gap-free fit.

Much better than needing two separate patches for each eye!

Reusable and Eco-Friendly

Many eye masks and patches are single use disposable. Tossing these after each use is wasteful and costly!

The Astropic Silk Eye Patch provides a sustainable, eco-friendly solution. You can wash and reuse it again and again with no fraying issues.

Silk is naturally antibacterial and breathable too, so no funky odors will build up over time.

Why generate needless waste when you can buy one high quality silk patch built to last? It’s better for your eyes and the environment.

Fits with Any Glasses

Whether you wear eyeglasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses, the Astropic Patch fits right over them with no issues.

The lightweight silk won’t tug on your eyewear arms or distort your glasses. It blocks light without compromising your vision.

The over-glasses design also prevents any thick padding from messing with the fit of your glasses.

Simply slide it on over your existing eyewear for instant relief.

Comes with Hygienic Carrying Case

To keep your eye patch clean and protected, it comes with a handy carrying case.

The soft case prevents the silk from getting dirty in bags or drawers. It also stops the patch from collecting lint or fraying over time.

When it’s time for a wash, just pop the patch inside the case until your next use. No more losing it in the laundry room!

The case also makes travel and storage a breeze. Toss it in your purse, suitcase, or bedside drawer to enjoy eye relief anywhere.

By the Eye Health Experts at Astropic

Astropic creates eye-care products designed by optometrists and ophthalmologists for long-term eye health.

We ONLY use materials gentle and safe enough for sensitive eyes and eyelids. Your vision deserves the highest quality care!

With decades of combined eye care expertise, we know how to craft products that truly protect your peepers.

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