ARTIBETTER Silicone Nose Pads for Glasses – 12 Pack Clear Non-Slip Nose Bridge Pads for Kids and Adults



Struggling to find comfortable glasses that don’t slip down your nose? Search no more with the ARTIBETTER Silicone Nose Pads. This 12 pack of universal clear nose pads is designed to fit most glasses and provide a non-slip grip that keeps your eyewear firmly in place.

The durable silicone material forms a soft yet supportive bridge that rests gently on your nose. The clever shape fits the natural contours of your nose bridge for even weight distribution that prevents painful pinching and sliding. No more constantly pushing your glasses back up or suffering through sore spots from ill-fitting frames.

Each nose pad measures 22mm long x 14mm wide x 7mm high. The flat back smoothly adheres onto the nose pads of your existing frames, while the ridged front creates friction to stop slipping. Simply peel and stick onto metal or plastic frames for an instant upgrade in comfort and stability.

What sets the ARTIBETTER Nose Pads apart:

Non-Slip Grip

The textured silicone surface grips your skin to prevent downward sliding. No need for expensive anti-slip nose pads when these universal stick-on pads get the job done for a fraction of the cost.


The soft pad cushions and protects the sensitive bridge of your nose from pressure points that lead to soreness. Ideal for long term wear without discomfort.

Universal Fit

Fits most metal and plastic frame designs, both adult and kids glasses. Trim to size if needed. Measures 22x14x7mm.

Quick & Easy Application

Just peel and stick onto existing nose pads for instant enhancement. Reusable and repositionable.

Crystal Clear

The transparent silicone material is subtle and blends seamlessly onto frames without being noticeable. Maintains a clear field of vision.

Durable Construction

Made from pliable yet resilient silicone that retains shape. Withstands constant wear and tear.

Improved Hygiene

The smooth finish is easy to clean and keeps germs at bay. Simply wipe down regularly for clean glasses.

Ditch your ill-fitting frames and experience optimized comfort with ARTIBETTER Nose Pads. The simple adhesion transforms your existing eyewear so you can focus on seeing clearly, not constantly re-adjusting. The non-slip grip keeps glasses firmly planted regardless of activity.

Whether you need relief from nose pinching, soreness and sliding from standard nose pads or want to improve the fit of loose frames, these universal pads have you covered. Experience next-level comfort and say goodbye to pesky slipping.

What’s Included:

– 12 x Clear Silicone Nose Pads
– Size: 22mm x 14mm x 7mm


Fits most plastic and metal eyeglass frames, both adult and kids. Trim if needed for proper fit.

Sticks well onto surfaces like silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, wood, etc. Not recommended for frames with Nanotex coating.

Easy Application:

1. Clean frame nose pads
2. Peel adhesive backing off nose pad
3. Apply and hold firmly for 30 seconds to ensure adhesion
4. Check for proper fitting
5. Repeat on other side

Care Tips:

– Wipe down regularly with a damp cloth for cleaning
– For repositioning, gently peel off and re-stick
– Replace pads if damaged

Experience superior comfort and stop slippage in its tracks with the ARTIBETTER Nose Pads. Order a pack today to upgrade your eyewear!


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