Amblyopia Correction Glasses Eye Patches for Lazy Eye Treatment – 6 Pack



Treat and prevent amblyopia (lazy eye) in children and adults with this 6 pack of comfortable, breathable eye patches. The ultra-thin, non-woven material blocks light and vision to help strengthen and develop weak eyes, without irritating the skin or glasses.

As an amblyopia sufferer, you know the frustration of having one strong eye and one weak or wandering eye. Amblyopia causes reduced vision in one or both eyes due to abnormal development in childhood. Without treatment, it can lead to permanent vision loss. The earlier it’s corrected, the better the outcome. These high-quality eye patches facilitate amblyopia therapy by forcing the weak eye to work harder, improving focus, coordination and vision over time.


Blocks Light and Vision

The non-woven fabric blocks all light and vision to the covered eye. This stimulates and strengthens the weak eye during amblyopia treatment. The material is thinner than a blindfold, ensuring full occlusion.

Breathable and Skin-Friendly

The soft, breathable material rests gently on the skin without irritation. Your child can comfortably wear the patch for hours during daily activities or sleep.

Universal Size

At 10 x 5 cm, the patches fit most adult and kids’ sunglasses or prescription glasses. Easily adjust placement as needed.

Sticks Securely to Glasses

The inside of the patches have a silicone grip to keep them firmly in place on glasses without slipping.

For Left or Right Eye

Use on either eye by flipping the patch left or right. Correct left, right or alternating amblyopia.

Ideal for Kids and Adults

Suitable for children or adults with amblyopia, strabismus, cataracts, or after eye surgery. Ensure proper development and healing.

How to Use

Amblyopia treatment is most effective when eye patches are worn for 2-6 hours daily, or as prescribed by your eye doctor. Follow these steps for proper use:

1. Clean eyeglasses before applying patches.

2. Measure patch position against glasses and eye.

3. Remove adhesive backing and stick firmly to left or right lens.

4. Check for full light occlusion when worn.

5. Engage in physical activities and schoolwork during wear.

6. Alternate eyes daily or as prescribed.

7. Replace patches with new adhesive backing as needed.

Consistent use of these eye patches as part of occlusion therapy can greatly improve amblyopia and allow proper vision development. Stick them on securely and rest easy that they stay put comfortably.


– Strengthens weak eye muscles and vision

– Stimulates focus and coordination

– Lightweight, breathable material

– Sticks securely to eyeglasses

– Treats amblyopia and strabismus

– Comfortable for hours of wear

– Facilitates healing after surgery

– Easy to use and adjust

Get this 6 pack of eye patches for amblyopia correction without irritation. Order today for convenient treatment at home or on the go! Your vision will thank you.


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