Amblyo-Patch Children’s Eye Patches for Amblyopia & Strabismus Treatment – Pack of 12 Eye Covers for Kids’ Glasses – Soft Non-Woven Fabric, Blue



As a parent, you want to make sure your child’s eyes and vision develop properly. Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, and strabismus, also known as crossed or wandering eyes, are common vision conditions in children that can lead to impaired sight if left untreated. The good news is they can often be corrected if caught early with proper treatment, such as vision therapy exercises or patching of the stronger eye.

Introducing Amblyo-Patch, the gentle and effective eye patches for kids 3 years and older with amblyopia, strabismus or who need an eye cover after surgery.

Soft & Comfortable Material

Amblyo-Patch is made with soft, lightweight polyester non-woven fabric that is gentle on sensitive skin around the eyes. The breathable material doesn’t stick to the skin or cause irritation.

Blocks Light Completely

The thick, opaque fabric blocks all light to the covered eye. This forces the weaker eye to work harder, strengthening vision.

Perfect Fit for Kids’ Glasses

Each patch measures approximately 3.66 x 2 inches, designed to fit children’s eyeglasses and goggles comfortably. Just slip the glasses through the open middle and use the adjustable strap for a custom fit.

Convenient Pack of 12 Patches

Our pack includes 12 patches total in a cute panda bear design, so you always have a clean patch ready to go. Having multiples makes it easy to use a fresh patch daily.

High Quality & Hypoallergenic

Amblyo-Patch is made with premium polyester with added spandex for stretch and flexibility. The materials are hypoallergenic and latex-free for sensitive skin.

Doctor Recommended Brand

Amblyo-Patch is made by a brand developed by doctors specifically for effective and comfortable eye patching for children with amblyopia, strabismus and other conditions.

How To Use Amblyo-Patch:

Amblyo-Patch can be used for patching either eye by placing the pad over the lens of the glasses over the stronger eye that needs to be patched. Make sure no light enters around the pad edges. Secure with the attached strap.

Patching schedules vary but often consist of covering the stronger eye for 2-6 hours per day, such as during school hours. Be sure to check with your eye doctor for how often and how long they recommend patching the eye.

Daily patching forces the weaker eye to work harder, strengthening its vision. Consistency is key for improving amblyopia and straightening eyes.

Conditions that Amblyo-Patch Can Help:

– Amblyopia (lazy eye)
– Strabismus (crossed eyes or eye turn)
– After eye surgery like strabismus surgery
– Other conditions when eye patching is needed

Amblyo-Patch is trusted by parents and pediatric eye doctors alike for treating eye issues in children through effective, comfortable patching.


– Set includes 12 patches total
– Each patch measures approximately 3.66 x 2 inches
– Fits children’s prescription eyeglasses and protective goggles
– Made from soft polyester and spandex

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our eye patches completely. If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we will make it right.

Give the gift of clear, healthy vision to your child with Amblyo-Patch eye covers. Order a pack today and help patch up your child’s eyes!


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