Amblyo-Patch Butterfly Design Cloth Eye Patch for Kids with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) – Slides Over Glasses to Cover Left Eye



Help your child improve vision in their amblyopic (lazy) eye with the fun and stylish Amblyo-Patch butterfly design cloth eye patch. This orthoptic eye patch is doctor recommended and specifically designed to be worn over glasses to treat amblyopia in children.

A Cute and Comfortable Eye Patch Kids Will Love to Wear

The Amblyo-Patch comes in a colorful butterfly design that kids will be excited to pick out and wear. The hypoallergenic cloth material is soft and comfortable for all-day wear. The patch is easy to apply and remove, with an adjustable strap to ensure a customized fit.

Children are much more likely to wear an eye patch if they help choose it. Let your child pick their favorite Amblyo-Patch design and they’ll be more invested in their treatment. Daily consistent patching is key to improving lazy eye vision, so finding a patch your child enjoys wearing makes all the difference.

Doctor-Recommended for Treating Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

The Amblyo-Patch is doctor-approved to effectively treat amblyopia or lazy eye in children. Amblyopia occurs when one eye does not develop properly, resulting in poor vision in that eye. The brain favors the stronger eye and ignores signals from the weaker amblyopic eye.

Patching therapy covers the stronger eye, forcing the weaker eye to work. This stimulates vision development in the amblyopic eye and helps both eyes work together. But patching only works if done daily and consistently.

The Amblyo-Patch cloth material blocks all light while remaining breathable and comfortable for extended wear. The patch can slide right over prescription glasses, keeping them in place while covering the specified eye.

Features of the Amblyo-Patch Butterfly Design Eye Patch

  • Blocks all light from the patched eye to treat amblyopia
  • Fun butterfly pattern kids can help pick out
  • Soft, hypoallergenic cloth material for comfort
  • Easily slides over prescription glasses
  • Adjustable strap ensures a customized fit
  • Latex-free – safe for sensitive skin
  • Reusable – just hand wash and air dry to use again
  • Eco-friendly cloth alternative to disposable adhesive patches

How to Use the Amblyo-Patch Eye Patch

Using the Amblyo-Patch lazy eye patch is quick and easy:

  1. Make sure any prescription glasses are worn correctly.
  2. Choose which eye needs patching – left or right. The butterfly Amblyo-Patch is designed for LEFT eye patching.
  3. Slide the eye patch over the glasses on the proper side.
  4. Adjust the strap for a snug but comfortable fit.
  5. Check that no light enters around the patch edges.
  6. Wear the patch as prescribed by your eye doctor, generally 2-6 hours a day.
  7. For best results, ensure the patch is worn daily and consistently.

Monitor your child to make sure the patch stays in place properly. Re-adjust as needed for maximum patching benefit.

Remove and hand wash the patch daily. Let air dry completely before re-use. Replace the patch once the elastic starts to lose tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child has amblyopia?

Signs of amblyopia or lazy eye may include eyes that don’t appear to align correctly, frequent eye rubbing or squinting, poor vision or visual acuity in one eye, or eyes turning in or out. Your eye doctor can diagnose amblyopia and prescribe patching treatment.

How long is patching needed to improve amblyopia?

Patching duration depends on the severity of the amblyopia. For mild cases, a few months of consistent daily patching may be enough. Moderate to severe amblyopia often requires 6 months or more of patching as prescribed by your eye doctor.

How do I get my child to wear the eye patch?

Let your child pick out their favorite Amblyo-Patch design so they feel involved in treatment. Set a fun timer and reward chart to make daily patching sessions more enjoyable. Explain that patching makes their eye stronger, like exercise. Consistent positive encouragement also makes a big impact.

How does the Amblyo-Patch stay on over glasses?

The patch has an adjustable elastic strap that slides over the glasses arm and temple piece to hold it in place. The soft cloth material conforms to the shape of the glasses for a secure fit.

Is the Amblyo-Patch reusable or disposable?

The Amblyo-Patch is a reusable eye patch that can be hand washed and air dried after each use. Replace when the elastic starts to lose tension. The cloth material is more eco-friendly than disposable adhesive patches.

What age is the Amblyo-Patch recommended for?

The Amblyo-Patch is suitable for children ages 3 and up. An eye doctor may prescribe patching for infants and toddlers as well using adhesive patches applied by a parent. Always follow your eye doctor’s patching instructions.

Improve Lazy Eye Vision with the Amblyo-Patch

The Amblyo-Patch butterfly design eye patch provides an effective kid-friendly treatment option for amblyopia or lazy eye. This doctor-recommended patch blocks all light while remaining comfortable enough for all-day wear over glasses. The fun patch designs help gain your child’s buy-in to improve compliance. Plus, the reusable cloth patch is kinder to sensitive skin and better for the environment than disposable adhesive patches.

Order the Amblyo-Patch today and help your child develop stronger vision in their amblyopic eye!


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