aisswzber Sleek Round Blue Light Blocking Screen Glasses



Stuck staring at screens all day? Give your eyes a break with the sleek and stylish blue light blocking glasses by aisswzber. These round glasses are specifically designed to filter out harmful blue light emitted by digital devices, reducing eye strain while keeping your vision crisp and clear.

Sleek and Modern Round Frames

The round lens shape gives these glasses a contemporary look perfect for everyday wear. The clean rounded silhouette complements a variety of face shapes for a flattering appearance on anyone. Available in classic black and trendy tortoise patterns, you can alternate between neutral and statement-making styles. The smooth acetate construction and thin metal arms offer a lightweight feel for comfort.

Advanced Blue Light Filtering

The specially formulated lenses feature a blue light filter that blocks 90% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from screens. This helps alleviate eye fatigue and strain caused by prolonged exposure to cell phones, computers, tablets, and more. The tint also cuts down on glare to enhance screen clarity and contrast. Whether gaming, working, or streaming, your eyes stay relaxed and protected.

Reduced Headaches and Irritation

Studies show too much blue light can lead to digital eye strain, causing symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and trouble sleeping. The lenses on these glasses work to deflect and filter blue light wavelengths to prevent these issues. You’ll notice less eye pain and irritation so you can use devices comfortably.

Minimized Sleep Disruption

Blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, throwing off your natural sleep patterns. The lenses prevent blue light from reaching your eyes, allowing your body to produce melatonin and relax in the evenings. This means better sleep quality when using screens at night.

Durable Premium Materials

Constructed with lightweight yet durable plastic frames and metal temples, these glasses can withstand daily use without breaking or bending. Both the frame front and arms feature a sleek glossy finish that retains its shine over time. The curved shape and adjustable silicone nose pads provide a secure custom fit.

Versatile for All Screen Activities

Keep your eyes relaxed whether working in front of a computer, browsing on your phone, or indulging in a gaming session. The blue light blocking lenses make these glasses ideal for all types of digital screens. The stylish design also transitions seamlessly from the office to casual settings.

Reliable Eye Protection

Don’t compromise your eye health due to excessive blue light exposure. These glasses form a proven barrier against harmful rays, allowing you to see clearly while defending your vision. Enjoy using your devices without discomfort or risk of irritation.

Give your eyes the break they deserve with the sleek and effective blue light glasses by aisswzber. Stay protected and stylish!


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