2 Pair Classic Semi Rimless Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Stylish Readers with Clear Magnification Lenses



Rediscover the Joy of Reading with 2 Pairs of Bifocal Glasses

Do you find yourself holding books and menus further away just to read? Are smaller texts becoming harder to see clearly? Regain optimal vision with these classic semi rimless bifocal reading glasses. Designed with 2 pairs of magnifying lenses, these readers make reading a pleasure again.

The retro-inspired frames have clear bifocal lenses to help you see both near and far. The rounded lens shape complements different face shapes and sizes. The semi rimless design is contemporary yet classic. With two pairs, you can keep readers handy wherever you need them. Place a pair in your bedroom, office, bag and car so you can conveniently read anywhere.

See Clearly and Comfortably

Struggling to read? These bifocal reading glasses allow you to see text, labels and more with ease. The precision-ground optical lenses offer distortion-free magnification in your chosen strength. Just slide the glasses on and enjoy crisp, clear vision instantly.

The transparent UV400 lenses filter 100% of harmful ultraviolet light from screens and sunlight. The scratch-resistant coating protects the lenses from fingerprints and smudges. Each pair comes with a microfiber pouch to clean and maintain the crystal clear lenses.

At 17mm wide, the adjustable nose bridge fits securely without pinching. The flexible 138mm temple arms relieve pressure behind the ears for long-term comfort. Weighing just 16g, you’ll barely notice these ultra lightweight readers. The stress-free fit allows you to focus on reading instead of your glasses.

Fashionable Bifocal Eyewear for Men and Women

While aiding your vision, these bifocal glasses also make a subtle fashion statement. The contemporary semi rimless frames flatter both men and women. Choose from black, brown, gray or gold metal frames to complement your personal style.

The round 52mm lenses are ideal for larger faces, while the medium 56mm width flatters most. For smaller faces, fold the flexible temples to create a narrower profile. With 2 magnifying strengths, keep one pair for reading books and another for computer work.

Whether you need help reading menus, newspapers, ingredient labels or texts, these bifocal readers improve everyday tasks. The clear lenses allow others to see your eyes, perfect for friendly social interactions. Look stylish while seeing clearly with these fashionable yet functional reading glasses.

Product Highlights:

– 2 pair of bifocal reading glasses in your magnifying strength
– Classic semi rimless metal frames in 4 colors
– Clear UV400 lenses protect eyes from UV rays
– Adjustable nose bridge and flexible temples for comfort
– Round 52mm lens width, 17mm bridge width
– 138mm temple arms to fit most adults
– Lightweight only 16g each for long-term wear
– Scratch-resistant coating on lenses
– Microfiber pouch included for storage and cleaning

Read Comfortably Again with Bifocal Reading Glasses

Don’t miss a word again with these magnifying bifocal reading glasses. See clearly and look great wearing them. Keep a convenient pair wherever you need help reading. Your eyes will thank you!


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